How to Clean a DSLR Camera

How to Clean a DSLR Camera

Having a DSLR camera at a time when we are so into the world of photography. Having a DSLR camera can definitely support our photo hunting activities and produce sharp, epic, and high-quality photos. DSLR is a camera that can be operated by anyone. Make ordinary pictures, become extraordinary. Make an object more awesome with proper editing and composition when shooting it with a lens that suits our needs. The DSLR camera itself in addition to having many choices of lenses, this one camera is able to provide excellent photo quality results. Therefore, our activities to clean the camera become mandatory to extend its service life. Besides being able to make the camera durable, camera cleanliness must always be considered in order to work properly. Here are tips for cleaning the camera. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it in a camera shop.

Cleaning Lenses

The lens is one of the most sensitive components found in a DSLR camera. Because when we operate a DSLR camera, the lens will be very susceptible to dust or other dirt. Even our hands that accidentally touch it make the lens become greasy. What happened then, the photos that we produce can’t be maximized. You can clean the lens, and of course you have to make sure to do it in a clean and tidy room so that there is no dust flying around and having a bad effect on your lens. Even you will find it difficult to clean it because there is too much dust on the DSLR camera lens. Do your lens cleaning in a room that has good lighting. Don’t forget to also buy some standard equipment for cleaning lenses such as a blower, optical cleaning fluid, cotton buds, microfiber cloth, lens pen and sensor clean.

The first step you have to do is open the lens cover and then remove the filter. Also cover the camera body to keep the back of your lens clean. Next, use a blower to clean the dust on the lens surface. And while doing this, make sure the camera lens is facing down. After that, wipe the entire surface of the lens using a microfiber cloth in a circular motion, starting from the center outwards. Then [use optical cleaning fluid when you see a stubborn stain stuck to the camera lens. If you often use a DSLR, then do a lens cleaning at least once a week. This serves to make your camera lens more well maintained.

Cleaning the LCD and Viewfinder

The next camera part that you have to clean is the LCD and Viewfinder. Relax, the way to clean it is almost the same as when you clean the camera lens. However, when cleaning the viewfinder, you have to be careful. Plus when you unlock the viewfinder, the tweezers you use can hit other components. We recommend that you use a cotton bud to clean the hidden dirt between the rubber. If you finish cleaning, don’t let the time to put it back on instead of turning the viewfinder position upside down. This is because the focus point indicator will be out of line. On the other hand, so that your camera’s LCD is not scratched or exposed to dust, install a screen guard.


The presence of a DSLR camera sensor chip located on the front is a crucial part. If your camera sensor is dirty or exposed to mold, it will be immediately visible in the shots. But don’t worry, your camera can still be saved. There are two tips for cleaning a DSLR camera, especially in the sensor section, namely by carrying out the camera’s default functions and also using a blower manually. For the cleaning method with the default function, you can enter the Set-Up menu and select the Sensor Cleaning feature. After that click the Clean Now option.

As for the manual method, choose the Clean Manually feature. You first see if the camera battery is full so that the shutter mirror is lifted and the sensor can be seen. Next you clean the dust using a blower or sensor brush. For camera sensors that are affected by fungus, you can clean them by using a cotton bud that has been soaked in cleaning fluid before. After that, clean with a unidirectional motion with gentle pressure.


Taking care of the camera body is one way to make your DSLR camera durable. You have to clean the dust that sticks to the camera body with a microfiber cloth so that no parts are scratched. You can also use a blower to be able to clean dust in hidden and hard to reach camera corners. Even though when you buy it is claimed to be waterproof, try not to get your camera wet. If water can seep into the body, it will damage the camera’s internal components. While the remaining water that can not come out will cause the lens to become dewy. To do DSLR storage at home, store your DSLR camera in a special camera box or airtight box that has been given silica gel. And if you travel, use a special camera bag.