How to Data Backup Precisely and Safely

How to Data Backup Precisely and Safely

Saving the current file can be done easily and anywhere. However, this device is quite vulnerable to viruses or malware which at one time can eliminate all important data on it. Especially if the data is related to work. If it is lost, then you have to rework the data and it will take up a lot of time. Therefore, it is important to backup data properly in a safe place and not just one place. Here’s how to backup data correctly and safely:

Save Via Flash Disk or External Hard Disk

Offline data backup via this flash disk can be done easily, it’s just that you have to make sure the data that is a priority to be backed up using this device. This flash disk has a limited capacity so make sure if the data stored is often used. That way, you can still use it practically and easily. However, if the number of files for data backup is very large, you can use an external hard disk to backup data. Although the size of an external hard disk is slightly larger than a flash disk, it can still be carried easily and has a much larger amount of capacity.

Burn Data Via CD or DVD

This next method can be said to be a method that has been abandoned by many people. However, there is nothing wrong for those of you who want to safely backup large amounts of data to a CD or DVD. Where, the optical disc that can be used to store this data is quite risk-free. It’s just that you have to be extra patient because the transfer process takes longer.

Data Backup Via NAS Drive

Backing up data can also be done via Network Attached Storage or a NAS drive. NAS drive itself is a server that serves to serve the needs of backup and share data. You can access the NAS over the network with a protocol such as a TCP/IP address. This method is a reliable option because the data will be entered into the computer and appear as another storage place. In addition, users can set the data backup process to be done automatically.

Data Backup Through Cloud

Cloud services can be the next choice for those of you who want to backup data safely and easily. There are many choices of cloud services such as Google Drive, One Drive, i Cloud, to Dropbox. Moreover, you can use this cloud service for free for data backup. It’s just that the capacity offered is not too large so you are required to subscribe to get a larger capacity.