How to Fix Smartphone Camera to Clear again

How to Fix Smartphone Camera to Clear again

The sophistication of Smartphone camera technology today is arguably already very advanced, it can even compete with DSLR cameras. Smartphone camera that was originally clear, suddenly turned blurry like an old school smartphone camera. Even though your smartphone has a current camera with a resolution of tens of Megapixels. The following are some ways to fix a blurry Smartphone camera to make it clear again:

Rub the lens cap with toothpaste

A scratched camera lens cap can cause the smartphone camera to become blurry. To prevent this from happening, you can use silicon as a protector. However, if there are already scratches on the camera lens cap, you can work around this by applying a little toothpaste in front of the lens, then rubbing it gently. This method can remove fine scratches on the outer lens surface. Keep in mind, the toothpaste used is white toothpaste, not a gel one. If it’s still blurry, you can use another method, namely by prying the camera lens cap using a razor blade, but you have to be careful. When finished, you can replace it with a new lid or if you want free capital, you can use clear colored tape.

Clean the dirt that sticks

Smartphone Camera

As a result of being placed carelessly, dust enters and sticks to the inner lens, causing camera results to not be optimal. In addition to dust, dirty fingerprints that stick to the camera lens can also cause the camera to become blurry. For a solution to fix it, open the outer casing so that the inner lens is visible. Then pour some eucalyptus oil on a tissue and rub the inner lens to remove dust from the lens surface. As for the case of dirty fingerprints, you just have to wipe it from the outside of the lens without the need to open the lens cap.

Dry the smartphone that has water in it

Water entering the Smartphone camera does not only occur when the Smartphone is directly exposed to water. Placing the Smartphone in a place with conditions that are too humid can also make the camera lens fill with dew droplets. Thus, it will affect the results of the camera shots. For lens solutions that have caught water or are dewy, immediately turn off the Smartphone and remove the battery. Then dry it by drying it in front of a fan, so that the temperature of the Smartphone can be stable and no water or dew is left behind.