How to hackers peeking at your cellphone and tips to prevent it

How to hackers peeking at your cellphone and tips to prevent it

Free WiFi is one of the most tempting things for internet connoisseurs. This service is also often present in various public places such as airports, schools, universities and offices.

Unfortunately this can be a trap (trap) that costs you a lot. CheckPoint Software Technologies Cyberscurity expert Dan Tan reveals whatever the dangers of free Wi-Fi are on Channel News Asia’s Why It Matters.

He said that if the free Wi-Fi access could be entered by the hacker. They can even hack someone’s phone by just typing in the Wi-Fi name they want. This means wherever and whenever the hacker is able to hack multiple users.

Tan conducted a simulation with the MC Why It Matters, Joshua Lim, who was currently accessing Wi-Fi at Changi Airport, Singapore. While Joshua was surfing the internet and looking for news about Stan Lee’s passing, Tan was able to find out.

Not only that, Tan said that the hacker could even access the cellphone of someone who was attacked. From what appears on the cellphone screen, access internal storage, open documents, and even copy these documents.

The danger is that the hacker is even able to activate some features without being noticed by the user.

“Downloading free wifi planted by hackers can give them more access. With the application itself, hackers are able to grab a lot of material. Apart from that, hackers can also record voice through an unknown cellphone which suddenly records with a voice recorder embedded in the cellphone. It is also suitable for cameras and other features found on cellphones, “said Tan.

Not only that, Tan provided several possibilities for hacked users.

Finally, the show provides some safe tips to use free Wi-Fi, namely don’t enter sensitive info when activating free wifi and install a security solution on your cellphone.