How to maintain a laptop to get maximum performance

How to Maintain a Laptop to Get Maximum Performance

Laptops are indeed very useful electronic devices, for doing a lot of office work. Nearly all office work today requires a laptop computer position. Therefore, your laptop must be cared for properly so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly. The following are some tips that you can follow to protect your laptop. This means carrying out regular laptop maintenance. Laptops are generally used longer than cellphones.

As a worker, a laptop is an item that cannot be separated from your daily activities. Generally, laptop ownership will be more long-term than cellphones, which produce new series every year. So, it is important for you to protect your laptop so that its performance is always optimal over time.

Not only that, maintaining a laptop properly will also make you more economical due to less maintenance and certainly not having to buy it for the next few years. Without you realizing it, there are many small parts of laptops that are not cleaned and updated regularly and consequently lower their performance. From now on, you should pay attention to every detail of how to maintain a laptop so you don’t get frustrated when its performance starts to slow down. Avoid liquid items from your laptop.

Sometimes, there are bad habits that you don’t realize can degrade the performance of your laptop after long-term use. Come on, learn the following 12 methods of maintaining a laptop.


1. Avoid liquids

A laptop that spills water is definitely a bad dream for everyone. So, the first method of maintaining a laptop that you can practice is keeping liquids away from the laptop. If there must be, use a tight lid. Liquid water on a laptop will interfere with the internal microelectronic components of the laptop or cause electrical damage. Electrical short circuits can destroy information and even permanently damage a laptop. So, keep your drink away from the laptop, OK?

2. Share the time between charging the battery

The next way to maintain a laptop is not to connect your laptop to a continuous charger. If your laptop is always plugged in with electricity, then the life of the laptop battery will continue to be small. This is influenced by the working method of lithium-polymer batteries. The greater the percentage of volts given to the lithium-polymer battery, the battery will continue to be “stressed” to work. Instead, you just charge the laptop up to 80{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6} and use it until the battery is at 40{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}. In this way, you will help the laptop battery last longer.

3. Update antivirus regularly

Updating the antivirus is another way of keeping your laptop durable. Antivirus will be very useful in knowing various threats and how to deal with these threats. Antivirus can protect the scan engine so that it always knows where important files are placed. In this way, the antivirus scanning system will be faster and avoid errors when detecting threats. Windows updates from Microsoft can automatically identify weaknesses in the PC system and install solutions.

4. Avoid putting it on the mattress

The circulation of air on the laptop machine will be stagnant if you do this. Because, the laptop will have trouble draining the air out. In conclusion, the temperature is also heating up. Have you ever experienced it? So, for that reason, don’t put the laptop in an active condition on the bed, OK? You see, if later the machine is very often in hot conditions, your laptop will not last long.

5. Don’t raise it when it’s on

If the laptop is on, it means that the hard drive is still working. If you transport your laptop in this condition, it is feared that the hard disk platters inside will be scratched. If it gets scratched, there will be bad sectors with your laptop.

6. Do not close the screen when it is still hot

Avoid closing the laptop LCD screen, when the machine is still hot after being used for a long time. How come? The hot air from the laptop machine will interfere with the screen. Close your laptop screen after the machine cools down.

7. Reduce playing heavy games on the laptop

Playing games on a laptop is definitely not a problem. However, this can interfere with the laptop if it is used for a very long time and the game is too heavy. Avoid playing games like Call of Duty, GTA V, and PES 2016 on very old laptops. Laptop machines can overheat and affect the battery inside.

8. Rinse the laptop regularly

Rinse the laptop regularly. At least once every 2 weeks. Do not let any dust stick. Do you understand, small particles like dust, if they accumulate, can slow down the laptop’s performance.

9. Delete files that are not needed


You may already know that a large number of files will make the laptop work slower. So, if you have free time, start deleting files that are no longer important. The guide that you can apply is to delete files from the download folder first. The reason is, the files that you download can be very diverse and it’s not certain that you need them anymore.

10. Rinse the ports

Cleaning ports can often be left out of routine laptop maintenance methods. Ports are various holes that are on the edges of your laptop, whether it’s a USB port, HDMI, audio, card reader, and so on. Well, you can use compressed water to clean it. Don’t forget to pay attention to the method of use. Because, if you are not careful when spraying it on the ports, it will create a temporary layer of ice.

11. Run a defrag

Defrag on a laptop is a process for rearranging various pieces of information that have been fragmented so that it is easier for a laptop to read. Years of laptop use often cause files to be disorganized and stored in various parts of the hard disk. The method of maintaining a laptop with a little defrag takes time, so you don’t need to do it very regularly, like more than once a month. However, if your laptop already has a solid-state driver, you don’t need to defragment it.

12. Selection of the appropriate laptop bag

The last laptop care method is selecting a laptop bag. Laptops are designed to make it easier to mobilize while working. If you are the type of worker who always carries a laptop wherever you go, consider investing in a good quality laptop bag. Make sure it’s the right size and has the right thickness and padding. This is to prevent damage when the laptop slips out of hand. You can also think of a laptop bag that has several compartments for storing individual differences so you don’t scratch the laptop.