How to Make the Air Cooler Work More Effectively

How to Make the Air Cooler Work More Effectively

Any hot weather, you’ll probably take out the air cooler and clean it up for use. The design of all coolers including the air cooler has been significantly improved and is much more durable. With advantages such as affordability, durability, and energy efficiency, cooling remains just as effective, and maybe even better. People are always looking for tips and tricks to make their coolers work more efficiently. You may also want your air cooler to cool the air to the maximum.

1. Routine maintenance

Taking good care of your air cooler is the easiest and most effective way to make it work better for you. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your cooler. Regular maintenance will not only keep the air cooler in good condition, but will also ensure the cooler can continue to work effectively.

2. Proper care when not in use

It’s easy to take care of your air cooler properly when it’s continuously used. In addition to routine service, the air cooler must also be maintained when not in use. Keeping it clean and keeping it in good condition can go a long way in keeping this cooler in good condition. Since air coolers are usually not used all year round, it is ideal to purchase an air cooler that is feature rich and portable.

3. Place it in front of the window

Air coolers usually work on the principle of evaporative cooling. When placed in front of a window, the air cooler will gain easy access to more hot air and will evaporate faster, giving you cool air. The advantage of a portable air cooler is that you can experiment with positioning and find the place that gives you the best cooling.

4. Adding ice

If your air cooler has an ice chamber, feel free to add ice to it for better cooling. When there is ice inside, the pads become cooler. Keep in mind that adding too much ice will slow down the evaporation process and will hinder cooling efficiency. So make sure you add ice in moderation.

5. Proper ventilation

Unlike air conditioners, coolers require good ventilation in the room in order to function properly. Since it works on the principle of evaporative cooling, the air cooler requires water and fresh air to provide efficient cooling. In addition, good ventilation also helps reduce humidity in the room.

6. Cold water

With the principle of evaporation, warm water lowers the cooling efficiency and hinders the evaporative cooling process. Since cold water is closer to room temperature, it works best for the system and results in efficient cooling.