How to Overcome a Black Blank Laptop but Turns On

The existence of a laptop has indeed become one of the items that are very much in demand by most people, especially for a student or an office employee. Because laptops are quite practical items, so they are easy to carry anywhere. Maybe you often experience when you turn on your laptop suddenly the laptop screen turns black when booting into Windows which results in the boot process being interrupted so that we cannot enter the operating system. This often happens, even though the condition of the laptop is in good condition. Don’t panic when your laptop experiences this. The following is how to solve a black blank laptop but the condition is on

Check the laptop screen

The way to deal with a black blank laptop but the first running machine is to check the laptop screen. If the laptop component machine can function normally, then it can be ascertained that the problem is on the screen. Try connecting the laptop screen with an external one. if an image appears on the external display, it can be ascertained that the problem is with the LCD. Or you can use a flashlight to check it. Because it could be that the problem is caused by the light, not the screen.

Set screen resolution

The way to deal with a black blank laptop but the next life is to set the laptop screen resolution. The possible cause of a blank laptop screen is due to the screen resolution setting that exceeds the laptop’s capabilities. This can happen on potato laptops or laptops that have low specifications. To be able to set it you must enter safe mode when turning on the laptop, after that you can reset the laptop screen resolution.

Clean laptop RAM

The way to solve the laptop cannot turn on but the power light is on can be done by cleaning the laptop RAM. RAM can also affect laptop screen performance. Then the thing you need to do is remove the RAM and clean it. Maybe there are some dirty pins so that the performance on the laptop screen is slightly disturbed. The way to clean it is to remove the RAM which is located on the back of the laptop. If there are two RAM slots on the laptop, remove them first. Then clean the pin using a brush, if it feels clean, reinstall the RAM properly.

Remove suspicious apps and software

Blank laptop screen can also be caused by a virus contained in one of the programs. If there is suspicious software, it must be uninstalled immediately. The trick is to enter safe mode, after entering safe mode immediately delete the suspicious software. In order to be perfectly clean, you can use the uninstall manager application.

Overheating excessive heat

The problem of overheating can be the cause of a blank laptop screen. If this continues, it can cause damage to your laptop. To prevent this, make sure you regularly clean your laptop such as the cooling fan or the processor. If you’ve been using the laptop for too long, don’t forget to turn off the laptop until the components are back to normal.