How to Play Badminton at Home

First I want to ask you is: you and your family like to play badminton? I and my dear family love to play badminton and have taken this sport as a daily activity for the whole family. Fortunately, we can play badminton at home without having to go anywhere. You can not imagine how great it is to us. Now I will show you how to play badminton at home.


The first requirement for you to play badminton at home is a courtyard to play. Make sure you have enough space to play. It can be a break in the garden, backyard or anywhere around your home. I do not want to mention the exact size of a standard badminton pitch. For your main purpose is to entertain so it does not seem to matter. However, not all homes can meet this requirement, especially in big cities. If you can, I would like to congratulate you!

Backyard Badminton

Badminton racket

This is the most important equipment for badminton players. It is like the witch’s wand. Please list me the number of people in your household and divide by their age, children, adults, seniors. It may be best to choose the best badminton rackets for each one according to their ability or their personal taste, such as color, brand and most importantly your finances. To be able to increase the playing experience for them. For example, find the best racquet for your children.

If your home has a lot of people and you find it unnecessary, then just prepare the 4 badminton racquets that are most easy to use because badminton only allows up to 4 players at the same time.

Badminton shuttlecocks

Another important thing to play is the shuttlecocks. There are many types of the shuttle, made from different materials, for different purposes. Entertainment players like me will prefer the choice of cheap and durable shuttlecocks. For the players in the game will be the priority of stability or speed. There is also a light-emitting shuttle that lets you play in low light conditions such as night time. So choose the shuttlecocks that best suits your needs and budget.

Badminton nets

Without a net, you can still play badminton for fun. However, to increase the playing experience as well as practice playing skills, buying a good badminton net is worth the investment. Choosing the right nets for your yard should also be considered. You can choose high net mobility, easily disassembled if the position you play must be used for many purposes or to take it with you on family trips. You can also choose fixed nets to ensure consistency when playing.


OK, just so you can play badminton at home with your family. Make lots of laughter in your home garden. Make your family members closer together.