How to Remove Dew on Smartphone Camera Easily

How to Remove Dew on Smartphone Camera Easily

The aspect of camera quality is one of the considerations when buying a new smartphone. However, even a good smartphone camera can lose its quality due to the appearance of dew. When the camera is foggy, the quality of photos or videos that are usually produced by automatic cameras will also decrease. The presence of dew will make photos or videos seem blurry and often even not visible at all. Here are some ways to remove condensation on your smartphone camera:

1. Utilize the Sun’s Light

You can take advantage of sunlight to remove dew on your smartphone camera. However, this method must be done carefully, to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause physical damage to the smartphone camera. By storing your smartphone in a container, you can block direct sunlight.

2. Using the Light of a Lamp

You can use the light of a lamp to remove moisture from the smartphone camera. This method is very effective to do, it can even be said that it is relatively more secure than the previous method. You simply put the smartphone camera lens in a position facing into the light. Let the light shine into the foggy smartphone camera.

3. Using Rice Media

Rice can also be used to remove the presence of dew contained in the smartphone camera. After you have prepared the rice in a jar or basin, then you just need to insert the smartphone you have. Try until all parts of the smartphone are buried in the rice media. Then proceed with closing the container tightly. To get optimal results, leave the smartphone in a pile of rice for a full day.

4. Using Hot Water

You can use hot water to remove condensation on your smartphone camera. Removing dew with hot water is no less practical and simple. However, what needs to be considered is that you have to do it more carefully and carefully because it can be fatal. After you provide hot water in a special container. Then hold the smartphone and place it on a container that already contains hot water. The trick is to point the smartphone camera facing into the water surface.

5. Using Silica Gel

Silica gel is also often used to treat smartphones that get water in them. Silica gel can also be used to remove the presence of moisture in the smartphone camera. It should be noted carefully, before doing this you are required to remove the battery first.

6. Using a Fan on a Laptop

You can also use a fan on the laptop to remove any condensation. You simply place the smartphone on the side adjacent to the fan. Then you activate your laptop device. After that you let it sit for a while until the dew on the smartphone camera disappears automatically. In addition to using a fan on a laptop, you can also use a small fan. But before that you have to make sure the fan rotation power used is not too big in size.

7. Using a Hair Dryer Heater

You can use a hair dryer to remove moisture on the smartphone camera. You must turn off your smartphone, then set the hair dryer to the lowest temperature. It should be noted that if the temperature is too high, it can actually damage your smartphone.