How to Solve Wireless Mouse Not Working

How to Solve Wireless Mouse Not Working

Wireless Mouse more popular for laptop users because they tend to be easier to carry around. Using a wireless mouse, you don’t have to bother arranging cables when you want to put it in your bag. However, there is a problem that is still often experienced by wireless mouse users, namely the device is not detected on the laptop. There are several things that cause a wireless mouse not to be detected by a laptop, here are some ways to deal with a wireless mouse that doesn’t work:

1. Check Operating System Compatibility

In general, wireless mouse developers will include information regarding what operating systems can use the mouse. Usually, this information is placed on the cardboard section of the mouse. So, it is better to check first whether the operating system you are using is compatible with the mouse. Most wireless mice certainly support the Windows operating system.

2. Install Mouse Drivers

Drivers have a very important function, namely to integrate so that additional devices can be connected to a laptop or computer. The step you have to do is check whether the driver is already installed or not on the device you are using. Usually the laptop will automatically install the driver when the mouse is plugged in. But if it’s not already installed, you can install the driver manually.

3. Mouse Battery Runs Out

Wireless mice require batteries in order to connect with the device you are using. The reason your wireless mouse can’t connect is because the battery has run out. In normal use, the mouse battery will usually run out for about 6 months. So, if during that time your mouse suddenly doesn’t work, please try to check the battery power.

4. Receiver Broken

This receiver serves to receive signals from the mouse so that the mouse can be used. For those of you who experience this problem, maybe the way to solve it is quite complicated because you have to find a receiver that really matches the mouse. To be more sure, you can first consult the seller.