How to Take Care of Electronic Equipment that Uses Batteries

How to Take Care of Electronic Equipment that Uses Batteries

Electronic equipment that uses batteries often do not last long. Because batteries can damage equipment for various reasons. It is recommended that the battery be removed when the equipment is not in use. Why does removing batteries in unused equipment extend the life of the equipment? Check out the following explanation.

Avoid Corrosion

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Batteries that are installed continuously can accelerate the corrosion process in the contact parts between the battery and the spring. As a result, one day the spring will become damaged and can no longer conduct electricity properly. Corrosion can be caused by a leaking battery that has not been removed for a long time. Batteries of poor quality are usually coated with paper, making it easier to remove oil and chemical liquids that can damage electronic equipment. Especially on battery types such as the Alkaline type, if it leaks it will cause corrosion which can damage electronic equipment easily.

Throw Away the Exhausted Battery

Disposable batteries cannot be recharged. When experiencing a run out of battery, you should immediately throw away both batteries. The habit of mixing these batteries makes equipment damaged more quickly. Batteries mixed between new and discharged batteries can cause the equipment to run at an inappropriate power. This can accelerate the damage to equipment, especially batteries, by using a motor. Discard the battery that has been discharged, then replace the entire battery with a new battery, so as to avoid mixing the batteries.

Isolating Unused Batteries

If the battery that has been removed is still in good condition and will be used in the near future, it is advisable to attach both the positive and negative terminals with paper insulation. This can extend battery life and reduce discharge speed. How to care for electronic equipment that uses batteries needs to be considered, especially on small electronic equipment such as remotes or toys. Such equipment tends to have small terminals, making it more susceptible to battery damage.