How to take good care of a computer so that it is not easily damaged

How to take good care of a computer so that it is not easily damaged

In terms of computer maintenance, it is not only taking care of the hardware (hardware), but also taking care of the software (software). Of course you don’t want your computer to hang or even crash. It is the duty of every user to always keep what he has. Goods that are cared for properly and properly will last a long time, and conversely items that are not cared for with all your heart will quickly spoil. If the computer is disturbed or damaged, the costs that must be incurred are not small. The following are some ways to take care of the computer so that it is not easily damaged

1. Always Keep Clean

This is one way that is very easy for any computer owner to do. However, discipline is needed in this case. Because, sometimes we are lazy to clean the dust that sticks. If left unchecked, over time the dust will become a lot and accumulate. Dust that enters the CPU and sticks to the cooling fan (fan) makes it not function optimally, then the processor will heat up quickly and can cause the computer to shut down by itself. If this happens frequently, other components can be damaged. Likewise with the keyboard that is lazy to clean. If dust gets between the keys and accumulates, the keys on the keyboard may not function properly.

2. Clean the Files in the Recycle Bin

The files that we delete have not completely disappeared from the computer system, all will be collected in a folder called the recycle bin. Some of us take this for granted. In fact, if the junk files in the recycle bin folder accumulate, it will slow down the performance of the computer system.

3. Antivirus Scan

Diligently scan your computer using antivirus. This is done to detect whether there is a virus that attacks the computer system and at the same time an antivirus can counteract it. This software has a free version and a paid version. If you want more optimization, then use the paid version.

4. Don’t just plug in the Flashdisk

How to take care of the computer in the seventh point has to do with the fourth point. Where antivirus can be used to protect the computer. But don’t just plug in the flash, because we don’t know whether the flash is free from viruses or not. Viruses can come from anywhere, whether it’s from the internet, or flash.

5. Remove Unused Apps/Programs

Install only the necessary applications that we use frequently and remove those that we rarely use. That way there is still a lot of storage space on the computer and RAM can run properly, so hang problems can be avoided.