Important Things To Avoid Hacking

Important Things To Avoid Hacking

In this digital era, one of the things that internet users fear the most is being a victim of hacking. This is natural because with hacking, an individual can have his personal information threatened, or even a group of companies can go bankrupt and so on. However, if examined more deeply, hacking can not only occur because of the hacker’s intelligence, but the negligence of the victim can also be a powerful weapon for hackers. Here are some important things to avoid hacking.

Weak wireless network encryption

Indirectly you let anyone use the internet that you use if the internet network you have is not encrypted or with weak encryption. Apart from that, you have also helped the hackers by paving the way for them to spy on your network traffic or commit other crimes on your internet connection.

Same password

Using the same password or passwords on multiple accounts is highly recommended to be avoided. Using the same password makes it easier for you to remember all the passwords you use on multiple accounts. However, if one of your accounts is attacked by hackers, then other accounts using the same password are at the same risk.

Pop-up Messages & Unknown E-mail

Responding to these two things is one of the fastest ways to get your computer infected with malware. It’s very important to be suspicious of emails or pop-up messages. Sometimes just clicking on a seemingly harmless pop-up can have a tremendous impact on the future survival of your computer. To avoid this, you can enable pop-up blocking in the browser you are using.

Outdated operating system and apps

Hackers often rely on the fact that many internet users are potentially exposed to attacks because they don’t use an unpatched operating system. This allows hackers to easily exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to computers. To fix this, you can activate auto update on the operating system you are using, so you can get the latest patches from the developer of the operating system you are using.

Turn off security features

Just because it is difficult to deal with a certain application that is connected to the internet, many users then disable the firewall on their computer. However they don’t return once the accessibility they need is done. Computers with the firewall off will pose a danger. Antivirus is very important for overall device security. If you have problems using antivirus, then try to do a virus scan while your computer is being used in the middle of the night, it could be hackers.