Know the Characteristics of DDos Attacks on Websites – Threat of Government Websites

Know the Characteristics of DDos Attacks on Websites – Threat of Government Websites

The use of digital platforms such as websites as a medium for disseminating information is the first solution that comes to mind and is very effective. Utilization of this media is a major need because of the high effectiveness of reaching potential customers and the increasing use of the internet.

However, the development of the internet world is directly proportional to the level of cyber crime to date. One of the cyber crimes that is always increasing and threatening many business and government websites is DDos attack. DDos is one of the biggest hacker attacks in the world that attacks many business websites.

Based on the results of the Kaspersky team’s research reported on, in Q2 2019 DDos attacks increased by 18{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} compared to 2018. Currently DDos attacks are at a dangerous threat level because they have entered the spread of attacks by up to 46{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220}. This needs to be considered because it will seriously endanger the development of the business world and the confidentiality of information in the world of government work.

Definition of DDos

DDos (Distributed Denial Of Service) is a type of attack that disrupts the performance of network traffic and internet systems on the server using the target computer. The purpose of this attack is to burden server traffic so that it cannot be handled / overloaded so that the website cannot be accessed.

DDos attack is an internet attack technique with a simple technique. This attack is only carried out with requests to the server continuously until the server goes down. This is one of the reasons why hackers use the DDos technique to hack websites.

How DDos Attacks Work

A simple technique with the main target is internet network traffic using a system of requests repeatedly is a simple concept of DDos attacks. DDos will carry out a distributed denial of service attack or the concept of Denial of Service.

DDos uses 3 methods of attack until it enters a crisis in the victim’s network traffic.

Request Flooding

This technique is done with a request system to the target server. This will prevent users or website visitors from being unable to serve or busy servers

Traffic Flooding.

This traffic flooding technique is different from request flooding. In this attack system, the attacker floods the victim’s network traffic using a lot of data.

Changing system configuration.

This technique is more in-depth in the offensive process. The attacker will deeply damage the server component using the denial of service system or immediately kill the service process on the website.

DDos Attack Type

There are many types of DDos attacks, but there are 4 types that are most popularly used by hackers and are very often successful in attacking business and government websites. The following is the SSL Indonesia team summarized

UDP Flood

UDP (User Diagram Protocol) is a protocol programmed to randomly flood a remote port without a session. This attack will make the host server work hard to check each port and do reports via ICMP packets. If the host server is unable to handle the incoming port load, damage will occur and the website cannot be accessed.

ICMP Flood

ICMP Flood or better known as Ping Flood is an attack carried out by flooding UCMP requests with the main target being the server bandwidth. Ping Flood will make requests quickly and a lot until the server bandwidth runs out and down. This will result in the website being inaccessible.

SYN Flood

SYN Flood uses a request technique like ICMP, only using SYN. A simple technique by sending SYN requests to the server quickly and a lot, causing traffic congestion and the website can not be accessed.

Ping Of Death

Ping Of Death (POD) is a DDos attack with the concept of excessive ping. This attack takes advantage of the ping reception capacity opportunity on the server because usually the server has the ping receiving capacity. Ping Of Death will be done intentionally to send maximum ping packets to the server, so that the server experiences down or hangs and the website cannot be accessed.

Characteristics of a Website Affected by DDos Attacks

The platforms most targeted for attack are weak websites. If you are a website owner or manager, you need to be vigilant and recognize the characteristics of a website to avoid attacks.

Pay attention to bandwidth consumption

Web sites that were carried out by DDos attacks can be seen from the server bandwidth consumption side. Usually there will be sudden and drastic heavy traffic, both uploads and downloads. Make sure you always pay attention to the consumption of bandwidth and take care if suddenly your bandwidth consumption increases dramatically.

Pay attention to the CPU load

Websites that have been hit by DDos attacks are unreasonably high CPU loads. Or it can be said that you don’t see any system processes running using the CPU.

Website Speed

Pay attention to the speed of your website. If there is a drastic change you need to be suspicious. If there is a decrease in speed without an increase in traffic then you need to check regularly on your website.