Latest Advanced Technology Home Security System

Latest Advanced Technology Home Security System

Practicing various state-of-the-art home security systems is one of the ways to get a comfortable and safe life. A home security system with up-to-date technology can certainly protect your home better. oMoreover, the application method is also not complicated. You can operate it only with a smartphone. Impressed easy right? There are various security systems created to make the home environment more comfortable.

1. Smart Lock

To make access to the house more comfortable, replace your door with a smart lock door. This smart lock door is believed to be able to make the house really comfortable until it is free from break-ins. In its application, the smart lock door has 4 ways to access, namely by using a finger print, access card, password in the form of a numerical combination, and remote control via a smartphone.

The use of an entry access method for this smart lock door will certainly continue to increase home security because it can only be accessed by the house keeper. Not only that, smart lock doors are also usually equipped with an alarm system that will function when someone tries to enter the house by force. With this smart lock door, you also don’t need to be afraid anymore to leave the house while traveling.

2. Smart Security Camera Monitoring

Security camera (closed-circuit television) is a security system that has been widely used in office buildings, shops, universal facilities, to individual homes. The point is to record all activities that occur nearby. Installing a security camera in the house will really help you to keep an eye on suspicious people who enter the house. Along with the development of technology, security cameras also continue to be up to date.

Currently, security cameras have emerged with sharper and clearer recordings. There are also many security cameras that use a real-time monitoring system which you can access via a smartphone. Smart Monitoring security camera is one of the most sophisticated home security systems

3. Motion Detector

Also equip your home with a motion detector, one of the latest technological security systems that can detect the movement of any moving object, especially the movement of people in the house.

This motion sensor can also send warnings automatically if there is movement that is considered suspicious. Not only that, this motion sensor device also usually has a security camera feature equipped with a microphone. So that you don’t only know motion, you can also find out suspicious sounds. So, you can quickly identify if there is an intrusion in the house.

These are some of the latest technological security features that can be added to your home. The sophistication of technology in this home security system was created to make residents able to do their activities more comfortably and safely in the house.

Make your dream home come true at Gardens at Candi Sawangan with the latest cluster, Evergreen Smart Living, which is equipped with a good security system. One of the security features offered by the Evergreen Smart Living cluster is a Motion Sensor.

This feature can be operated with just one hand via an application on your smartphone. Thus, supervision at home also becomes easier and instant. Gardens at Sawangan Temple is also located in a strategic position, easy access and mobility, and surrounded by a beautiful and safe area.

4. Home Reflection Film Mirror

Its working method is similar to the kind of mirror film that is used in many cars, or that is often used by police in interrogation rooms. Mirror film can also be used on your home windows. Especially for those of you who don’t like wearing curtains, this reflective film mirror is the right choice.

To have mirror film that reflects and keeps thieves from peeking into your house, you don’t need to pay up to millions of rupiah. You only need to set aside around IDR 45-60 thousand to be able to install this security system.

5. Alarm padlock

Padlocks have actually been a security tool for a long time. However, it’s easy to destroy locks with chemicals now, making them no longer efficient in protecting the security of our homes. For that there is currently an alarm padlock key.

Its use is very simple. After locking valuables or the fence of the house with this padlock, suspicious activity or movement on the lock will immediately make the lock produce a very loud sound. With a fee of around IDR 60-100 thousand rupiah, this padlock can last with the built-in battery for 2 years.