Negative Impacts in the Digital Age

Negative Impacts in the Digital Age

Along with the development of sophistication in technology, information, and communication in the digital era, it has created various changes that are felt by the community, so that it has a positive or negative impact. The following are some of the negative impacts that occur on society in the digital era.

There is a Violation of Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights

One of the impacts of the development of digital technology is the violation of copyright or Intellectual Property Rights committed by certain individuals. Lots of copyrighted works that already exist on the internet, are traded without asking permission from the creator of the work. For example, music piracy, film piracy, print book piracy, are also examples of copyright infringement. This is also detrimental to the creators of the work.

Low Availability of Job Opportunities due to Human Resources

The second impact in the digital era is the low availability of non-digital jobs, this is because advances in digital technology are increasingly sophisticated. Some companies/organizations take advantage of digital technology that facilitates the work efficiently. For example, work in a factory or motor vehicle industry that employs employees by assembling. Now it has been replaced by smart robots with sophisticated and organized digital technology. Then another example is the postal worker who used to sort mail, now being replaced by an automatic sorting machine that can read and sort mail faster.

The Emergence of Digital Information That does not Match The Facts

The emergence of digital information that is not in accordance with facts or truth known as a hoax is a negative impact in the digital era, this happens because of the low digital information literacy of the community. The spread of hoaxes is carried out by irresponsible individuals, by distorting certain facts to create public commotion. Therefore, to avoid hoaxes, the public must be accustomed to sorting this information from various digital sources that are clear and reliable.

There is a culture of lazy movement due to the influence of the use of digital technology

One of the negative impacts that is felt is the existence of a lazy culture of movement that occurs due to the influence of the use of digital technology. In an increasingly sophisticated digital era, people are never separated from digital technology tools such as gadgets. Various digital platforms that are already available in a gadget, make users feel addicted without paying attention to time and health. Therefore, it requires a commitment from users of digital technology to divide the time in using digital technology and doing activities that move.

The existence of digital fraud on behalf of others

Digital fraud occurs because of the misuse of personal data by individuals with advanced digital technology. Usually these victims are referred to as cybercrime victims. There are various modes of digital fraud, some are in the name of surveys to obtain personal data, product sales from large discount prices, unofficial e-commerce websites, and so on. So that there are no victims of digital fraud, never carelessly give personal data to other people.