Positive and Negative Effects of Technology for Human Life

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology for Human Life

The positive and negative consequences of technology for human life certainly vary. Digitalization was created to provide human convenience in various fields. But in reality, technology also has bad consequences for humans. So, it is necessary to know what are the consequences that arise as a result of technological developments. The consequences arising from the growth of this technology must be addressed wisely. As humans who live in modern times, technological growth is no longer inevitable, so that we cannot close ourselves off. Then, what are the consequences of technological growth?

The Positive Effects of Technology

Advances in technology at this time make life easier. Not only in the economic field, technology also facilitates the learning system, health, and others. It is undeniable that technology has positive consequences for citizens, including:

Facilitate Education

In the field of learning, technology functions as a means of changing the conventional education system. The education system that previously tended to be monotonous is now changing with the presence of technology as a support for learning media. Students also don’t want to get bored easily during the learning process.

Support Health

With advances in technology, access to health also continues to be easy. In the health sector, the implementation of technology can be seen from the existence of a smart card that contains the patient’s medical records. In addition, technological advances have also made it easier for doctors to diagnose patients’ illnesses with the help of various imaging tools, such as MRI, CT scans, and others.

Make it easier to do business

The positive and negative effects of technology for human life can also be found in the business sector. In ancient times, humans used to buy and sell in markets and meet customers face to face. Currently, the development of technology continues, humans are given the convenience of being able to shop from home.

Traders can post their products on e-commerce so they want to reach more markets. Consumers can also sort products directly from home, thereby reducing transportation costs and time. With the emergence of e-commerce, both parties transact without having to meet each other.

Connecting Various People

Technological advances that continue to be rapid make it easier for people to keep in touch. If previously it was difficult for someone to meet if they were far away, now distance is no longer an obstacle to keep in touch. With the existence of technology, people can talk without limits.

Very Fast Data Deployment

The most striking thing about the growth of technology is the rapid spread of data. At this age any data can be directly obtained in a very short time. The existence of the internet makes data accessible especially in seconds.

Negative Consequences of Technology

Like a coin with 2 sides, there is also another side to today’s technological advances. Although it has a myriad of positive effects, technological progress also has negative effects for society. What are the negative consequences of technological growth and progress? Follow the review:

Copyright Violation

Behind the many benefits of technology in helping human life, it is unavoidable that this sophistication also brings bad consequences. One of them is the widespread problem of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement allows individuals to resell something or objects without permission.

There are many copyright infringements, namely the issue of film piracy, plagiarism of works, duplication without permission, to plagiarism of content. The rise of copyright infringement will certainly be very detrimental to the creators of their works. Until then, laws were made that deal with copyright.

Cyber Crimes Arise

The term cyber crime is a crime that is carried out online and involves computer features. These individuals will later steal individual data and then sell it for profit. So, users must be wise and careful when sharing personal information.

Pornography, Fraud, Gambling

These three acts must have often been heard of because of the uproar that ensued. This is indeed the impact of advances in digital technology. The sophistication of digital technology is misused by individuals to reveal pornographic videos, online fraud, and also acts of gambling.


The existence of social media allows users to hide their identity behind the accounts they make. This often causes cyberbullying of other people. Even though it seems trivial, bullying on social media can have a negative impact on the victim.

Spread of Malware

The spread of malware is another negative result of technological growth. Malware can interfere with the PC as well as the data contained on the PC. In addition, sometimes malware is also used to ask victims for money.

Such are the consequences that can arise from the rapid growth of technology in the current era. These positive and negative consequences will certainly have an impact on everyday life. The positive and negative consequences of technology for human life cannot be avoided.