Processor computer function

Processor computer function

Like a body, the most important thing in a computer is the processor that functions as the brain. The function of the processor is very important because it will communicate with other components so that the computer can work optimally.

Nothing else is the case with the food processor as the main machine which has several functions to be able to process food ingredients, the processor also has the task of being able to integrate several components in the computer so that the computer can work properly.

The processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is located in the motherboard socket, where the main components are attached. The processor will not be able to work alone because it requires support from the hard drive and RAM and chipset. To get to know more about the definition and function of a processor, here are 7 things you need to know in general about how the processor works on a computer.

Processor Functions As The Computer’s Brain Conveying Information

Just like the human brain, the function of the processor on a computer is very crucial. The processor helps the computer process information, execute commands, process the information received and ensure that all components perform their duties according to their respective tasks. As a brain, the processor also receives information from various components in the computer body such as hard disk, VGA, RAM and Chipset.

The processor then integrates all the information from these components to work optimally for the computer. The way the processor works is the same as an audio processor which integrates several functions of audio or sound support devices such as dbx, amplifier or mixer to be able to produce maximum sound when connected to a sound system.

Currently there are several processors based on the type of specification and manufacturing plant:

Intel processor

This Intel processor is widely used by users in Indonesia. This processor is a product of a company called Intel Corporation which was founded in 1968 in America.

AMD processor

This processor is a product of a multinational semiconductor company with the same name from Sunnyvale, California, United States. After Intel Corporation, AMD is the second largest company supplying global microprocessors.

Apple Processor

Like its brand name, this processor is a product of Apple Inc., which is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California, United States. As we know that this company is engaged in the design, development and sale of electronic products, personal computers, Apple laptops and computer software.

Cyrix VIA processor

Cyrix is ​​a microprocessor development company headquartered in Richardson, Texas, United States and was founded in 1988. This company briefly joined National Semiconductor before being acquired by VIA in 1999.

IBM Processor

IBM or International Business Machines Corporation is a company that produces and also sells computer hardware and software that was founded on June 16, 1911 and has been operating since 1988.

IDT Processor

IDT (Integrated Device Technology) is a company that produces CPUs at low prices. This company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Although this company is smaller than other processor manufacturing companies, IDT is a company that makes the WinChip processor which was first introduced in May 1997.

Processor Functions to Maintain Computer Performance

The performance of a computer is very much determined by how many cores the processor has. The function of the processor on a computer is used as a determining indicator whether the performance of a computer is declared good. A good processor will be able to optimize the performance of your cellphone and computer so that it can work quickly without experiencing lagging. Although this assumption is not absolutely correct because the processor still requires the cooperation of other components at work. The processor fan installed in the fan connector also supports how the processor works.

This fan keeps the air in the system cool and there is heat transfer from the inside out so it doesn’t cause damage inside the computer. Computers also need a good fan header so that the rotation speed of the fan in the processor remains stable and the circulation of the air flow in it is maintained so that computer performance remains good. Processor functions to organize the tasks of each component in the computer

Manage the Tasks of Each Component in the Computer

The next function of the processor is to control the tasks in the computer components so that they do not overlap. The processor ensures that the task received by a component is in accordance with its task. Here the processor functions to ensure that if you access data, what works is the hard drive component and not other components that have no relation to the data we access. This is where the processor plays as an input receiver and provides output for the entire computer.

Ensuring the Computer Can Work Well

As the center of integration of all components in the computer body, the processor ensures that all components work properly to do their job. The processor has a function as a recipient of information and then processes the information before finally distributing each order to the related components. With all components integrated, the computer will run well.

Maintain Computer Components Stability

The role of the processor here is related to its ability to maintain the stability and quality of the electricity supply flowing to each component so as to prevent overvoltage on the computer. The flow of electricity from the power supply then enters the processor and from here it is then distributed to all working components. And in the arrangement, according to the electricity requirements for the work process.


Support the Specific Needs of the Computer

Computers have other, more specific functions. The specific needs referred to here are the special needs that computers have for their users.

Here are some of the specific purposes of commonly used computers:

  • Design or Architectural
  • Playing games
  • Special Purpose for forecasting Weather, Cloud Movement, etc.

For example, the processor is used to play games, so the speed and capacity of the processor really determine how good the performance is for playing games without experiencing lags or stopping in the middle of the game playing process.

The same function can also be found on cellphones, if the processor has a core or more than 1 cores, the resulting image and sound will also provide an extraordinary gaming experience for its users.

Turn on the computer

The last processor function is to turn on the computer. So far, what we know is that the power supply has the most important role in turning on the computer before you start working.

However, it cannot be denied that if the electricity does not reach the processor, the computer will not turn on. The electricity supplied by the power supply will enter the processor and thus, the processor will be able to integrate all components for work.

This is where the processor’s important function is to turn on the computer so that we can use it according to our needs