Reasons for Smartphone Internal Memory Fully Fast

Reasons for Smartphone Internal Memory Fully Fast

Internal memory storage is one of the most important parts of a smartphone. In addition to usage, other bad possibilities will also occur if your smartphone’s internal memory is full. Like not being able to add more applications, although you can also delete some files on the smartphone. The following are some of the causes of full smartphone internal memory:

Operating System

The operating system has a size larger than the ability of your smartphone will make its internal memory full quickly, not unexpectedly that the operating system on a smartphone can make your smartphone fast. By forcing to download this operating system will make the internal memory full.

Files on the Message Application

Often we do not realize that this messaging application takes up more internal memory than other applications. The reason is, the message application has photo and video files that will automatically enter your internal memory. You can solve this by deleting some files that are not important in the messaging application located in the application folder.

Photo Files

Photos do have a light size that is even small for your smartphone, but if you store thousands of photos then of course it will consume your internal memory and sometimes the saved photo files are the same file. We recommend that you save photo files to a laptop or hard drive to make your internal memory used for other important files or applications.

Apps Can Take More Storage

An application will install updates automatically when a new version is available and you will not know about it, these installations or updates sometimes without any notification, although the benefits of updating outweigh this drawback but it is still worth noting.


Applications are certainly the biggest cause of fast-filled internal memory, because one application can reach more than 5 Gigabytes even seeing the technology that continues to grow one application will reach tens of Gigabytes.