Rising Cases of Leakage of Personal Data in the Digital Age

Rising Cases of Leakage of Personal Data in the Digital Age

Personal data keeps a person’s privacy, and it becomes taboo if it is distributed without the owner’s permission. The rise of cases of personal data leakage has made people worried about the security of their personal data. The many loopholes on corporate or government agency websites make it easier for a hacker or hacker with malicious intent to break into people’s personal data. In addition, the lack of digital data security literacy and the absence of definite laws in digital crimes open the way for hackers to carry out their bad habits.

Digital Age

With the large number of hacked accounts and cases increasing every month, the government must improve to overcome hacker attacks in the digital space for public safety. Financial gain is the biggest motive for hackers to hack. The financial crisis during the pandemic made everyone look for money in various ways. The high selling price of illegal personal data can make hackers earn millions to billions of rupiah every month.

Meanwhile, social and political issues also motivate hackers to hack data. Weak digital age data security and lack of government efforts to protect it. This hacking action not only violates social norms, but can also cause public unrest. There are still other ways to convey aspirations, which is the official information system from the government that accommodates people’s aspirations and complaints online.

The role of companies and government agencies is also needed to strengthen the digital data architecture. Companies and agencies that collect people’s personal data must be wise and responsible in managing the data they have. Companies can recruit capable people to manage their databases so that hackers do not easily commit data theft. We as data owners can also take precautions to improve digital age data security literacy, such as not using the same password for each account, being wise in sharing personal data, and being careful when visiting sites or downloading applications that smell fraudulent or phishing. Keep in mind, personal data is a matter of privacy that must be maintained properly.