Safe Tips to Protect Personal Data from Cyber Crime

Safe Tips to Protect Personal Data from Cyber Crime

Currently, cases of leakage of a number of personal data originating from various financial technology or fintech platforms are rife. In fact, lately a lot of personal data is being traded through dark forums. That is why, the sale of some personal data is classified as dangerous. In fact, it can be categorized as a form of banking crime. Because the data that is combined from each of these sites can be detailed enough information to be used as basic data for crimes in cyberspace. Because, in the hands of hackers, the use of each of these data can cause considerable losses. The higher society’s dependence on the digital world, the more difficult it is for them to protect their personal data. The following are some tips that you can do to keep your personal data safe.

Make Sure the Data is Encrypted

Before including personal data on a particular site, make sure that the site implements an encrypted security system. Basically, this encryption system will ensure every data is strictly coded when it is sent to the site. Usually sites that are supported by this encryption security start with the term https. In addition, there is also another feature in the form of a lock icon at the top left right next to the link or site link.

Beware of Unofficial Links

Recently, there have been more and more cases of theft of personal data by a group of irresponsible people. One of the tricks that are often used to obtain such information is the use of unofficial links or links. Usually, links like this are intentionally given information that leads the victim to open the link and fill in the fields containing personal data. Therefore, you must be aware of all forms of sites that you want to visit.

Make Sure the Password is Unique and Complex

As is well known, a password is a series of secret and unique codes that only private internet users should know. Therefore, when creating an account on a particular site, it is advisable to create a unique and complex password so that it cannot be hacked by others. Also make sure, you are able to remember the password well and don’t forget to change it at least every 3 months to avoid the various risks of cybercrime that lurk.

Enable the Security System of Two Factor Authentication

In addition to creating a unique and complex password set, also make sure you have activated the two-factor authentication system or two-step verification. Because, this one security system can be a double security when criminals try to steal your personal data.

Use the Incognito Mode Feature

You are not used to using the incognito mode feature. In fact, this one feature is very useful so that your personal data remains safe. Basically, this incognito mode is known as incognito mode when surfing the internet using a browser. Through this mode, all forms of data recording will be disabled so that all site addresses will not be recorded. Not only that, the browser you use will not be able to record personal data on the site when you use this one feature.

Use a Private Internet Network

When you want to access certain sites that require you to enter some personal data, it’s better not to use this kind of network. This is because the use of free Wi-Fi has the potential to become a cyber crime loophole.

Install the Latest Antivirus

In addition to the methods above, you can also add an additional security system in the form of an antivirus. This is very important to do in order to avoid malicious malware attacks that risk making your personal data just disappear.