Steps to Avoid Data Hacking to Stay Safe

Steps to Avoid Data Hacking to Stay Safe

The number of news about data hacking circulating, can be a reminder of the importance of good security in every activity we do on electronic devices. To avoid data hacking, you can take the following steps to avoid data hacking to keep it safe:

Enable Two Factor Authentication

You can enable Two Factor Authentication in all applications, especially those containing important data. Two Factor Authentication is a security standard that consists of 2 identification processes, namely using a password and a security code. Usually this security takes advantage of various accesses, such as a username or something personally known and a pin code or random number. It should also be noted, you may find it difficult to remember passwords, it is better to prepare a place to record all personal information.

Use Unique Password

In order to avoid data hacking, it is very important that you make sure to create a unique and complex password. Never use the same password for all platforms or applications. Because it makes it very easy for hackers to steal your data. Change your password now to avoid data hacking.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Pages or Ads

You also need to be aware of old or advertisements scattered on the internet. Ads that are scattered are often interesting to open, but the result of carelessly opening can be a boomerang for you. Because ads can be a trick created by hackers to steal your personal data. It’s a good idea to make sure before opening ads or pages to avoid unwanted data hacking.

Install Antivirus and Update Device System Periodically

Often we don’t realize we forget to install Antivirus on all electronic equipment. Installing Antivirus and updating the device system regularly is one of the must-do ways to avoid data hacking. Especially during a pandemic like now, virtual activity has increased sharply. The function of Antivirus is to protect from all internet viruses that enter and protect our data on the internet to be safe.