Take advantage of these 4 Technologies, it can make your business easier.

Take advantage of these 4 Technologies, it can make your business easier.

One of the biggest obstacles in a small business is how to manage many aspects of the operation with very limited resources. Working on aspects simultaneously can result in a reduction in time efficiency, so that development is difficult to increase. Along with technological developments, many activities can be done more easily and can even run automatically. Then what kind of automation can be done, here are some of them.

Automatic Lead Scoring

As a small business, of course as much as possible you have to increase the conversion rate of each lead. Therefore it is necessary to be able to determine which leads are suitable. With lead scoring in accordance with the parameters of your requirements, determining potential potential customers will be easier. When you have found the right lead scoring filter, the software can do it automatically, so you only need to pass the results from this scoring to the sales department so you can convert it into a sale.

Use of SMS Marketing

Many of you might think that SMS is something that is old school. However, in fact, SMS can still be a very potential marketing medium. In addition, with current technological developments, marketing using SMS can be done automatically using the SMS API platform. Another advantage of using SMS is that it has a relatively moderate opening rate. This is pretty good considering the declining open rates of email marketing.


When you want to convert every website visitor into a customer, of course, a quick response to every visitor’s question is mandatory. However, of course, for a small business scale it is impossible to do this manually considering the limited resources. As technology develops, chatbots are now becoming more and more popular. This chatbots service can be a solution for small businesses to be able to respond to visitor questions more quickly.

Email Outreach Campaigns

Not infrequently, to get customers you have to be more active in persuading than just waiting for the customer to come. One way that can be done is by using email. With the development of technology, now with the help of outreach automation tools you can make the email process more effective. There are many interesting features that can be used automatically so it is worth trying in an effort to increase the number of leads to your business.