Tech Trends Predicted to Rise in 2022

Tech Trends Predicted to Rise in 2022

Currently the evolution of technology continues to occur in a fairly fast time. Every year there are new inventions and technologies that are present and improved to facilitate the activities of daily human life. In addition, the development process is also carried out by spending a lot of time on each process. Not surprisingly, before the official launch, there were already predictions of this technology trend. There are a number of technology trends that are predicted to be busy, some of which are already starting to appear. The following are some of the technology trends that are predicted to rise in 2022:

Augmented Reality to Meet Online Shopping Activities

The use of augmented reality or AR for online shopping needs. Online shopping activities continue to grow and become something that many people do, especially during the pandemic. Augmented reality itself is motivated by the weakness of online shopping which makes potential buyers unable to see or feel the goods to be purchased so that problems do not match the appearance in online stores often occur. With AR technology, potential buyers can see the appearance of goods in 3D so they can ensure that they match what is displayed in online stores.

Use of Virtual Reality

The trend of AR technology is of course also followed by the development of VR or virtual reality technology which is predicted to be widely used by people this year. VR technology itself is currently only focused on supporting entertainment activities such as watching movies or playing games and the possibility of activities involving VR devices is starting to be utilized.

AI Technology is Everywhere

Technological sophistication certainly cannot be separated from systems that support computer activities for various activities. The presence of AI or Artificial Intelligence makes the system implemented by a device smarter and more efficient. This has had a major impact on the sustainability of the technology industry in recent years.

Authentication Without Using Password

Removing the role of passwords or passwords that are commonly used as security authentication methods is a technological trend that is predicted to also increase in 2022. This is thanks to the increasing sophistication of AI that makes passwords easy to open, including long passwords using a combination of letters and numbers. This password authentication method will be replaced by biometric authentication which does not require updating every time and is more secure in the event of an attack from irresponsible parties.

5G Network

Sophisticated devices and technological systems will certainly not function without internet support with a stable and fast network. Therefore, this cannot be separated from the role of the 5G network, where this will become a technological trend in 2022. Coupled with the large number of Youtube content and other streaming services that already provide video resolution, fast internet is needed to support the streaming process to run smoothly.

Less Coding Activities When Making Software

It is important for someone to create software or applications that are easy to do. Technological trends will make it easier to design applications and software with fewer coding techniques. Although coding techniques still exist, these techniques will be able to reduce the development time of a software. In addition, it will also make technology more accessible to everyone by enabling individuals to design software more easily.