Technology Trends That Are Developing Fast in the Present Era

Technology Trends That Are Developing Fast in the Present Era

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the entire world including Indonesia has led to a number of new life patterns and habits, including in terms of the use of technology. Before the pandemic, there were several technologies that were rarely looked at, but once there was a pandemic and social restrictions, people were using it a lot.

Along with the rapid development of technology, we should get used to it and adapt, if we don’t want to be left behind. The following are technological trends that are rapidly developing in the pandemic era and you shouldn’t just miss it.


Teleworking is doing work away from the usual workplace, such as working from home or work from home. Since the pandemic hit all other country, teleworking has grown in popularity. Office workers’ communication has changed from face to face and meetings in one room, now to long distance communication utilizing teleconferencing technology and applications.

Even though it has now entered New Normal, the use of teleconferencing applications is still high. Therefore, in order to stay connected with colleagues and clients, mastery of teleconferencing applications is very important in today’s era. Apart from the popular Skype and Zoom, you can try out other applications such as Google Duo, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex, Lifesize, and Microsoft Teams.

Tele Education and Training

Not only has the activities of office workers changed, the world of education and training has also changed significantly. The rapid development of internet technology and teleconferencing applications allow teaching and learning activities for children from elementary school to university to be carried out without face to face and physical contact.

So, not only adults and parents, our students and younger siblings are also required to be more technologically literate and able to operate current communication technology so as not to miss lessons. Likewise with those who want to get certification for skills or expertise. Access is easier because there is online training.


The presence of telemedicine is the community’s answer to easy access to health services. Telemedicine and health application innovations allow patients to consult doctors without face-to-face, share health information, order and buy medicines, and get health data without having to go to the hospital. Several hospitals and health startups in Indonesia have now provided online applications and health consultations. The payment is also digital. One of them is the Health application.

Online Shopping

Online shopping or online shopping is no longer an option, but has become a necessity. Moreover, getting here, almost all people’s needs can be purchased online, from household appliances, fashion, gadgets, automotive to basic daily food needs. Payment transactions have become easier since there is a digital wallet that can fill balances quickly and store bank cards.

If you want to save time and effort, make transactions faster and get prices that tend to be cheaper, then online shopping is the real solution. Conversely, for business people, selling online is also a solution to survive the current pandemic. Moreover, there are many sales channels that can be used, starting from the Marketplace, social media accounts to support for e-commerce and other startups.

Online Entertainment

Online entertainment is increasingly developing in the current pandemic era. People are increasingly spending their free time with gadgets to enjoy movies, music, games, and virtual tours. To get complete online entertainment, subscribing to a streaming application and choosing an internet package with a large quota is the most appropriate way to save expenses. Moreover, now many public figures and celebrities appear on Youtube and other streaming applications.

Digital Payment

Digital payments are increasingly becoming a trend in this pandemic era. Many merchants in shopping centers and malls are no longer accepting cash transactions as part of health protocols and efforts to prevent the spread of the virus. The payment method using a digital wallet application from a smartphone is the most recommended way because it has minimal physical contact and is more efficient without bothering to give change.