The advantages of Linux compared to Windows

The advantages of Linux compared to Windows

Linux is a free, open source operating system, that means you can get all the code to make Linux OS for free, you can find millions of types of Linux OS made by various people from all over the world, you can easily modify the OS code accordingly. needs.

plus most of the applications that run on this operating system are also open source which is of course very profitable, almost all applications found on Windows have alternatives on Linux, So with this operating system it is certainly very easy for you or developing software according to what you need.


It cannot be denied that Windows computers need a large processor and VGA to make the OS work optimally, but not for Lunux, Linux is designed so lightly that you can hardly even distinguish computers with high and low specifications. As previously explained with various free software made by various developers, Linux is certainly the best choice when looking for the most stable software. even though the software is free you can pay the developers to develop it, so don’t be afraid Linux will lose to other OS.


Almost the same as Apple, Linux has a security system that is superior to Windows. it can be said that all Windows users must have been exposed to Trojan viruses, Sypyware and the like. This is almost impossible to happen on Linux. Since the beginning Linux was designed to be multi-user, if a virus infects a certain user it will be very difficult to infect and spread to other users, perhaps because the majority of Linux users are programmers themselves which of course makes it difficult for hackers to create a virus.

Many Programming Language Choices

Program language is very, maybe what ordinary people know is only limited to HTML and CSS. but besides that there are actually many other programming languages. such as C ++, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Pyhton and many more. You need to know that running various programming languages ​​like this is very difficult, but not for Linux, on Linux you can use all of them, so for those of you who don’t understand much about programming, don’t expect you to like it.

Back again, if you don’t understand coding yourself then be ready to face a lot of problems at the start of using Linux, but don’t be afraid or hesitant, now there are lots of videos available to learn Linux from YouTube to live online tutors, there you can ask directly to the experts.