The Bad Impact of the Introduction of Technology on Children at an Early Age

The Bad Impact of the Introduction of Technology on Children at an Early Age

You definitely want to give the best for your child and family. Now with the development of the era, children are no stranger to technology. However, if technology is introduced to children too early, the impact will be less good. Technology has become a tool to make our lives easier. With the help of smart phones or sophisticated laptops, our lives become different. Technology has a different impact on children. At their very young age, technology can easily make their personality very different from other children in general. For this reason, as a parent you must always pay attention to what you give them. You should also give them an introduction to technology at the right age. If not, the effect will affect their lives later. Here are some of the bad effects that can happen to your child if you introduce technology to them at a too early age


Young children who are too quick to get to know technology will become adults before their time. For example, we can now see that children aged 8-10 years are more interested in adult content on social media. Children can lose their innocence and explore things beyond their comprehension. As a tip for parents, you should keep an eye on their internet usage. Do not let them create accounts on their own social networks until a certain age is deemed ready.

Be Lazy

Technology makes it easy for us. But don’t let technology make our kids lazy. Children should play happily outdoors. Enjoy the sun and get to know the environment. Introducing technology too early can cause your child to become lazy. They will spend more time on the couch playing video games. This will make your child lose touch with their friends who will later affect their lives.

Learning Violence

There are many video games that show violent scenes. Do not underestimate this because your child can learn to imitate and practice it in everyday life. Your child will feel that violence is a normal thing that happens in his life. For that, you have to keep an eye on them while playing video games. Don’t forget to give advice that violence is not real and becomes a bad thing in the real world.

Seeing the Right Time

There will be a perfect time for everything. You can introduce them to technology at a time that you feel is appropriate. But also introduce them to life outside. Invite him to play outdoors and learn many other things. So he will not only spend time with his gadgets. Technology will indeed change your child’s life, but with the right supervision technology will provide a balanced effect and an amazing experience for you. Don’t let your child be so engrossed in his gadget that he forgets his world.