The reason Android is the most loved operation system

The reason Android is the most loved operation system

In modern times like this, cellphones have become the main necessity of everyone who works and people who have not worked, such as students and university students. No wonder everyone can spend all day with their cellphone screen stuck in front of their eyes. This is because most people already have cellphones. This is helped by the number of cellphone companies that sell their devices at low prices.

Today many people have started to understand and choose a cellphone with what specifications are needed. Starting from the large selection of RAM, camera quality, to what OS is used. Talking about the OS, currently Android is one of the OS that is widely used by many types of mobile phones. Starting from cellphones made in China to cellphones made in Europe they use the Android OS.

Of the various types of OS, Android is the most widely used OS. Here are some things that make Android the OS that many people choose.

Operating System Open To Many Sources

Android is known as an open source company with proven open source code and even you as a customer can edit the code. With these steps, Android wants to guarantee that Android will last a long time with customers and continue to exist in the world of technology. Android also works with Google and makes searches or source code accessible to anyone. That way anyone can get Android for other devices besides the cellphone that already has an Android in it.

Android is one company that is very open to foreign investment. Companies related to android will be easy to join android companies as long as there is a correlation. This policy also allows Android to reduce their cost of expenses so that they can produce cellphones at low prices. When compared to Apple and Windows Phone, Android is superior for the amount of investment from other companies.

In a small comparison, Apple produces everything from hardware design to software from its cellphones. Then if there is something that is indeed odd, there is no other party that can prevent it besides accepting, so can you as a customer.

Likewise with Windows Phones, although with the new Windows 10 mobile series which many people say is a little better than before, many are still busy outperforming Android. Windows will build the software while third parties build the hardware. This is the same when we access a windows PC as usual.

Much different from Android. Although sometimes the more hands working on something, the more dizzy it will be. Unlike Android, they managed to mix and match every existing company and enter the system.