The Safest Way to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

The Safest Way to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Laptops are considered a must-have device. Moreover, if there is a job that requires a laptop, of course the devices that many people have will often be used so often they forget to clean the laptop keyboard that has been used. This can cause serious things, especially if the laptop keyboard is considered dirty and uncomfortable to use. Laptops themselves are considered vulnerable to damage if they are rarely cleaned or rarely used. Here are some of the safest ways to clean a laptop:

1. Using a Soft Brush

Cleaning a laptop keyboard with a soft brush is very easy to do, because the soft brush itself tends to be easy to find. You can clean dust and particles that stick to the keyboard easily with a brush. However, do not choose a brush used for house paint, because the brush is too rough and it is feared that it will scratch your laptop.

2. Using Tissue

Tissue can also be used to clean your laptop keyboard. But note, this can be done quickly if stuck. Because it is feared that the tissue inserted between the keyboard will get involved when cleaning the laptop keyboard and actually damage the keyboard you have.

3. Using a Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth can clean the keys and areas on the sides of the keyboard. Lightly dampen the microfiber cloth and wipe evenly over the entire key area as well as the keyboard surface. Make sure not to wet the cloth too much, this is because a cloth that is too wet has the potential to cause water droplets to enter the keyboard and damage the components inside so that the keyboard does not work.

4. Using a Hair Dryer

Unlike a soft brush, this hair dryer is used for a clean keyboard, because if it is used on a dirty keyboard, it is feared that dust or other particles will not come out but instead enter deeper into your keyboard. Because large amounts of dust can damage the keyboard one by one and lose its function.

5. Using Vacuum Dust

The vacuum in question is a vacuum with a small size and not the one commonly used to clean the house. When using it, set the vacuum to a low pressure and use it slowly so as not to damage your keyboard.