These 5 Habits Can Make Your Refrigerator Damage Quickly

These 5 Habits Can Make Your Refrigerator Damage Quickly

A refrigerator that is filled too full turns out to be one of the causes of the refrigerator being damaged quickly. As a result, the refrigerator is no longer cold, or can not be used to store food longer, so the food goes stale quickly. In addition to filling the refrigerator too full, there are other habits that can make the refrigerator break down quickly. The following are habits that can make your refrigerator break down quickly.

1. The Fridge Door Is Not Closed Tightly

The refrigerator door is equipped with a magnet and rubber so that it can close tightly. But if the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, this can cause the refrigerator to be damaged quickly. The reason is because cold air flows out and makes the refrigerator not cold anymore.

2. The Inside of the Fridge is Dirty and Ice Flower Piles

Just like the outside of the refrigerator, the inside of the refrigerator must also be cleaned regularly. Also, make sure that the ice in the freezer doesn’t accumulate. Usually this happens in a single door refrigerator. Dirty inside of the refrigerator, for example due to spilled food residue, will affect the working of the refrigerator machine. While the frost will make the temperature of the refrigerator unstable and the cold temperature is not evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator.

3. Putting Hot Food in the Refrigerator

It turns out that putting hot food or drinks in the refrigerator is one of the causes of the refrigerator being damaged quickly. The high temperature that is different from the cold refrigerator temperature will interfere with the machine’s work and make it easy for bacteria to breed. As a result, the food ingredients in the refrigerator become stale easily.

4. Using Sharp Objects to Clean the Freezer

Ice flowers in the freezer must be cleaned, as well as other objects stuck to the surface of the freezer. But make sure not to use sharp objects such as knives, spoon tips, or forks to clean the freezer. The use of sharp objects in this part of the freezer can cause refrigerant leakage from the freezer. As a result, this refrigerant will eventually run out and make the refrigerator not cold anymore.

5.The Fridge Is Too Full

A refrigerator that is too full makes the refrigerator door unable to close tightly. In addition, filling the refrigerator too full will also cause the refrigerator to break down quickly. To prevent the refrigerator from being too full, the way to do it is to apply the principle that the food that goes in first must be spent first. In this way, the contents of the refrigerator will not accumulate. Another way that can be done is to always carry a shopping list with you when shopping at the market. This will prevent us from buying items that are actually still in the refrigerator.