Tips Before Playing Science With Your Little One

Tips Before Playing Science With Your Little One

It is undeniable that children love to play. This is still natural, because at that age they need to be active and increase their knowledge of their game. That’s why your child should fill his days with useful games. One form of game that can hone intelligence is science games. There are so many activities that can be done related to this world of science. Like doing experiments, trying new things, also getting acquainted with nature. This activity is guaranteed to increase your little one’s knowledge. Before starting a science game with your little one, you should not miss some important things that also have an effect. Here are some tips before playing science with children.

Explanation in children’s daily life

Every activity that we do everyday is always related to the world of science. Even for something as simple as jumping and walking has its own explanation. When children play outdoors, you can explain the types of plants, and how plants produce oxygen. Or also explain about weather changes and the movement of clouds that occur in the sky. When they know that the knowledge they get is related to their daily lives, this will make their little ones more enthusiastic to learn and play in the world of science.

Invite children to try to do experiments

The world of science is often associated with experimental and experimental activities. Proving science or scientific theory directly can make activities take place more effectively. You can also do this when playing science with your little one. Slip the knowledge and concepts used in an experiment. In addition to practice, ask questions and respond using sentences that stimulate critical reasoning. Or you can do a similar experiment by giving different conditions. Such as changing colors or similar materials. Invite children to observe what is different and why it happens.

Encourage children to use their senses

When playing science with your little one, encourage him to use his senses. To make them better understand the objects and events around them. Invite children to recognize sounds, smells, textures, tastes, colors as well as shapes and sizes of objects that he observes around him or that become the object of the game. Using the senses in this educational activity will help develop his understanding of the things around him. Also cultivate children’s observation skills well.

Add information from interesting knowledge books

It is better if playing science is also equipped with sources of information that are clear and easy to understand. One of them you can find from books of knowledge. Not only playing and trying to experiment, invite your little one to read science books to better understand what really happened. Because there are many types of children’s science books, you should choose a book that is equipped with pictures or sound. This can increasingly attract your child’s attention to learn while playing.

Pay attention to the child’s mood

Pay attention to the child’s mood. This mood determines the activity of the little one. When his heart is not good, whether it’s because of a bad mood or because he is sick, your little one will find it difficult to understand the science game. Makes him not get any benefit from the game. It’s best to play this game when he’s in a good mood. This makes him feel excited and can follow the game of science and absorb his knowledge well.