Tips for Caring for a Gaming PC to Keep Speeding

Tips for Caring for a Gaming PC to Keep Speeding

You must have a desktop or PC that is used for gaming activities. Especially if you continue to use it every day for a long period of time. Of course, the condition of the Gaming PC that you assemble will not be as optimal and tight as when it was originally purchased. Maybe you feel that the hardware components that you choose to assemble a Gaming PC are the types of components that have high specifications, aka god-level. However, behind that when you continue to use it without taking care of it, maintaining the management of the cables that connect PC hardware components to each other, believe it or not, you must be prepared to accept the risk of damage that can occur as a result of this. Therefore, there are several things you must do to keep your Gaming PC durable, fast and optimal for sure. The following are tips for caring for PC Gaming to keep it speeding:

Installing a Dust Filter on the CPU

If you want to take care of the CPU on a Gaming PC, one of the things you can do is install a dust filter. Inside the case, you can install a fan that will circulate air so that it won’t be hampered by piles of dust or dirt. The presence of a dust filter is very important to be installed in the airflow hole. Usually, there are several spots that you can find on the top, back, and front of the case. Dust filters for PCs tend to be bulky and can be clipped to install. However, there are also those that can be installed directly on the fan.

Cleaning PC Regularly

The next tip that you should do so that your PC Gaming remains optimal and protected from piles of dust and dirt is to clean your PC regularly. At least you have to maintain your PC Gaming maintenance at least once every three months. This is important to do, so that dust or dirt does not accumulate because this can make it difficult for air to flow inside the computer engine. The tools we can use to clean the hardware components in your Gaming PC are cleaning tools such as brushes, mini vacuum cleaners, cotton buds, cleaning fluid and microfiber cloths. This simple tool can be used to remove any remaining dust on components. In addition to dust, you can also pay attention to the thermal paste attached to your processor. You should replace it immediately when your paste is dry and can cause your Gaming PC to heat up quickly.

Organize Cables Regularly

The first thing that can make a PC last is to maintain cable management. This may seem trivial, but you need to know that folded and tangled cables can make their components more vulnerable. Moreover, if the cable is too messy, of course there is a big risk of being pulled or squeezed by the goods. Don’t get used to paying attention to cables. Cables that are chipped or lose flexibility are more susceptible to damage and can even threaten other components. For the CPU cable, for example, you should be able to make good settings. So, when you install or replace components, you don’t have to worry anymore.