Tips for Caring for a Power Bank to be Durable

Tips for Caring for a Power Bank to be Durable

If you are a smartphone user who never escapes from your grasp, surely you may also be friends with Power Banks. This itself occurs due to the many activities that are carried out by everyone, often requiring us to carry a Power Bank as a smartphone charger when we are busy. In the selection of electronic objects like this, some people definitely choose a price that is quite expensive for long-term use. To care for your power bank to stay durable, you can follow these tips:

1. Stop Using Smartphone When in Charger

Stop using your cellphone while it’s being charged on your Power Bank! Because it’s not only bad for your phone’s battery health. But it will also have a negative impact on the Power Bank. If this bad habit occurs continuously, then it is possible that the battery life on the power bank itself will end quickly. The reason is, through bad activities, it will be able to make the electric current in the resulting power bank battery unstable and cause excessive heat.

2. Charger Power Bank When Lowbat Only

The next tip is to pay attention to the LED indicator which is a sign of the contents of the power in the power bank battery. Where this in itself is pretty much underestimated by some people. So, pay attention to the power bank indicator before you charge it, if the LED light is still on, don’t charge it. Make sure if you want to charge the power bank, do it when the indicator shows only 1 LED is lit.

3. Avoid Overcharging

Sometimes it accidentally charges at night and then forgets to unplug it. So that the Power Bank continues to be charged from night to morning, this is what you must avoid in maintaining the survival of your Power Bank. Electronic devices such as power banks themselves do not have many licenses such as Over Charging Protection. Which functions in disconnecting the electric current automatically on the electronic device. Don’t charge it when you want to go to sleep or do it a few hours before bedtime. You should also pay attention to the power bank LED indicator.

4. Avoid Use in Hot Places

Avoid using the power bank outside in conditions that are quite hot, what will happen is that the body of the power bank is hotter. In addition, in a hot room, this can cause this case to occur, which is due to the lack of air circulation. The impact of this incident itself will greatly affect the health of the battery in the power bank itself. Because the power bank stores excess heat so that the heat can be felt from the body directly.

5. Avoid the Power Bank from Collision

Although most of the body on the power bank looks thick, that does not mean it is resistant to impact. Because still the body of the power bank is not designed to withstand collisions, let alone a body made of plastic. The collision itself can cause all the components in the power bank to become a little loose and cause a lot of damage. The impact of the collision itself can be felt immediately if the components are disturbed. Therefore, be more careful in holding and pulling your power bank.