Tips for Caring for a Smartphone Memory Card to Last

Tips for Caring for a Smartphone Memory Card to Last

Memory cards require special care to last longer. Damage to the memory card is certainly very inconvenient, especially if your important data is stored on this external memory. Memory cards have a relatively fragile condition, especially on the yellow plate. If it is scratched too often, it will be damaged quickly. Therefore you have to know how to take good care of the memory card so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Here are some tips for caring for a memory card on a smartphone:

1. Choose the best quality memory card

Before buying a memory card, you should find out about the quality of the memory card. We recommend that you choose from a brand that has been tested so that the performance does not disappoint. Adjust to your budget, if possible choose memory that has an expensive price so that the quality is guaranteed. Memory cards from well-known brands will guarantee you with proven quality.

2. Perform eject before removing the memory card

Whether it’s from Android or a computer, you should do the eject process before removing the memory card. The eject process will prevent the memory card from having problems. The chance of losing data will also be greatly reduced if you always eject before removing the memory card. You can go to your smartphone settings and choose remove your memory card, then you can remove the memory card.

3. Don’t move the storage memory card too often

Moving the memory card too often will cause corrupted files, to damage the memory card itself. In addition, the threat of viruses and permanent damage is difficult to avoid. Therefore, avoid and minimize moving memory cards to make them last longer and protect data from damage.

4. Do not carelessly connect to the computer

Too often and carelessly connecting external memory with a computer will cause the device to quickly fail. We recommend that you choose which computer you can connect this one device to. Because the virus on the computer can get into the memory card and can cause data to be damaged or inaccessible. Factory default factors can also cause this storage memory to be quickly damaged. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right and quality memory card.

5. Use the best quality card reader

If you want to use a card reader, choose a good quality card reader so that data transfer becomes more secure and files are not corrupted. The problem of corrupt files usually occurs because the card reader has a temperature that is too hot. Choosing a good quality card reader can minimize the condition of a damaged memory card.