Tips for Caring for a Vacuum Cleaner to Stay Durable

Tips for Caring for a Vacuum Cleaner to Stay Durable

For some people cleaning is an annoying activity. However, with the presence of a complete cleaning tool at home, cleaning activities will feel lighter and easier to do. One of the must-have cleaning tools at home is a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner can be a solution to keep the house clean quickly and practically. The vacuum cleaner is specially designed to suck stubborn dust effectively without the need for extra power. But sometimes, as users, we don’t pay attention to proper vacuum cleaner maintenance, so this vacuum cleaner gets damaged quickly. Here are tips on caring for a vacuum cleaner that you can apply.

1. Use Vacuum Cleaner Only for Vacuuming

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that cannot be removed with a broom. Avoid the habit of using a vacuum cleaner to suck out large particles of dirt. If this is still done, the problem of damaged machines will occur. This is because large particles of dirt can block the channels in the vacuum cleaner. A clogged vacuum cleaner line will usually make the engine suddenly heat up or make a strange sound. Dirt trapped in the vacuum cleaner over time will cause damage to its components. Therefore, rely on a vacuum cleaner only to suck up small, hard-to-reach dust.

2. Don’t Use Vacuum Cleaner in Wet Area

In order to get the job done quickly, sometimes there are some people who immediately suck the dust in a place that is still wet. In fact, habits like this are one of the causes of vacuum cleaners breaking down quickly. Please note, if water is sucked into the vacuum cleaner, it will most likely cause rust on the engine. This rust will quickly damage the components in the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you should avoid using your Krisbow vacuum cleaner in wet areas. If you want to clean a wet place, wait for it to dry or you can wipe it first.

3. Do not force the machine to continue working

A common mistake that is often made with vacuum cleaners is forcing the engine to continue working. For example, a vacuum cleaner is forced to suck up dirt for a very long time. Using a vacuum cleaner for too long will make the engine heat up quickly. So that the problem of the engine being damaged quickly cannot be avoided. To overcome this, give a moment when using the vacuum cleaner after 20-30 minutes of use. Rest the vacuum cleaner 10 minutes before using it again.

4. Always Check the Dust Bag

The next thing you need to apply to caring for a vacuum cleaner is to regularly check the dust bag. If the dust storage container looks full, clean it immediately and empty it. The vacuum cleaner will not work optimally if the dust bag is full of dirt. The suction power will decrease because the newly inhaled dust and dirt cannot be accommodated. If this is left unchecked, over time the vacuum cleaner’s suction power will weaken, and make the engine’s performance decrease too.

5. Routinely Clean the Vacuum Cleaner

Even though it functions as a cleaning tool, it does not mean that the vacuum cleaner does not need to be cleaned. This vacuum cleaner must still be cleaned regularly because it is always in contact with dust and dirt. With regular cleaning, the performance of the vacuum cleaner will always be excellent. The part that needs to be cleaned is the filter. The filter is useful for filtering dirt particles that have the potential to block the vacuum cleaner line. Check whether there are dirt particles attached or not. If there is too much dirt stuck to it, clean it thoroughly immediately. Not only that, the vacuum cleaner pipe section must also be considered. Check the pipe section for debris that may be clogged in it. Immediately clean the pipe if there is dirt that has the potential to block the line of the vacuum cleaner.