Tips for Caring for Camera Lenses to Stay Durable

Tips for Caring for Camera Lenses to Stay Durable

Some things that often happen to camera lenses are the appearance of spots or dirt resembling mushrooms, both in small to large sizes, including those that resemble fog at the worst level. As a result, camera shots are not optimal. Starting from being difficult to focus on, blurry images, until there are blemishes, especially when shooting using a small diaphragm. This part will catch the light, in order to remain optimally required method or special treatment in the treatment. Various lens damage is generally caused by misuse or care of the wearer. The following are some tips to keep your camera lens durable and free from mold:

Avoid Touch

Avoid direct contact or touching the optical parts of the lens with your fingers or hands. This is important, because body parts such as hands tend to be moist. If left to touch this area, it will leave a stain that over time it is feared that mold will grow there. In addition, replace or disassemble the lens in a place that is not dusty.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

If you’ve just taken a photo in a place with high temperatures, then from there you go straight to an area that is cold or cool. This is prone to cause mold growth. Prepare a special bag and a rainproof bag or you can also use a dry box to protect your camera and lens.

Use Cleaning Cloth

If you want to clean the lens, you should use a soft cloth made of special cloth. Do not use tissue that is usually used for body care. Because the tissue tends to be rough in texture, it is feared that it will cause fine scratches on the surface of the optical glass.

Disassemble carefully

To avoid damage to the lens and camera mounts, try every time you disassemble the position of the lens and camera body to be precise. Pay attention to the key points on the lens and camera body, and don’t forget to press the lock button.

Install Filter

The use of a filter at the end of the lens provides a good impact so that the lens is protected from dust and protects the optical surface from collisions with objects. Use an ultra violet filter which is neutral.

Turn off AF and VR Buttons

By turning off the AF and VR buttons so that if the focus ring rotates accidentally due to impact, it will not affect the motor performance inside the lens. It’s different when you don’t change it, what happens is the focus ring rotates due to auto mode and the motor system in it will work.