Tips for Caring for Electronic Furniture at Home to Stay Durable

Tips for Caring for Electronic Furniture at Home to Stay Durable

Various conveniences of electronic technology certainly make daily home maintenance easier. A collection of electronic furniture at home has become a necessity, especially in large families. Unfortunately, almost daily use is rarely matched by good care. In fact, when the function of the tool begins to decline, the cost for service is not small. Or if the damage is permanent, then you have to buy a new one. Before the electronic furniture at home has been damaged, you can prevent losses that will occur. Starting from special attention to how to care for and storage of these important tools. Proper maintenance will have an impact on the durability of electronic products, even though they have been used for years. The following are tips for caring for electronic furniture to keep it durable:

Always Keep Electronic Furniture Clean at Home

Always pay attention to the cleanliness of electronic equipment that is used very often. Such as refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dispenser, and fan. Not only to keep its function durable, but also for the health of all residents of the house. To keep it clean from dust and dirt around it, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. You can also use electronic cleaning fluid on the outside of the appliance.

Air Circulation in the Storage Room

Most electronics are very sensitive to humid air in the room. Closed air circulation is bad for all kinds of electronics. The storage room must have a cool air temperature. Make sure it’s not too damp as this can cause rust. On the other hand, also avoid direct sunlight, because it will damage the engine more quickly.

Avoid Unstable Electrical Outlets

Many times the damage occurs when the electronic furniture in the house is connected to a power outlet. This is very frustrating because the item is damaged in a short time. The use of sockets can damage electronic devices due to unstable electric currents. For that, do not be too long to connect electronic items with sockets that have been loose during use. When finished, immediately unplug the power so as not to damage your electronics.

Keep It Away From The Temperature Of Other Electronic Items

Temperature instability among electronic furniture in the house also greatly affects the feasibility of its function. Simply, avoid placing the refrigerator near the microwave, or the dispenser near a heating oven. Another important thing is to keep the temperature of the electrical equipment away from the source of the splashing water because it can cause a dangerous short circuit.

Kitchen Electronic Tools Need Attention

Many home electronic furniture that we use every time. Some of these electronic equipment include microwaves, blenders, toasters, dispensers, rice cookers, and electric stoves. One of them is that the rice cooker is definitely used until the evening. Rice cookers as kitchen electronics definitely have to be cared for and kept clean. Don’t forget, always unplug the rice cooker when finished using it. Wipe the outside with a clean cloth dampened in a small amount of water. Likewise for the rice cooker pan, clean gently using soap and a damp sponge. Avoid using a harsh brush which will damage the non-stick coating.