Tips for Caring for Gadgets to Make It More Durable

Tips for Caring for Gadgets to Make It More Durable

Nowadays almost everyone uses gadgets as a means of supporting convenience because this technological advancement has indeed become a trend. The use of gadgets is not only for active social media, but can be wider to access information and channel it again to a wider realm. Dependence on gadgets makes us very close to it and can almost never let go. Sometimes we ignore the condition of the gadgets that we use every day without realizing that gadgets also require special care in order to work optimally. The following are tips for caring for our gadgets so that they last and can continue to accompany our daily activities:

Charge the Battery After it’s Completely Exhausted


To be durable, don’t let the smartphone battery run out completely, but recharge it when it’s at the 10-20{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6} level. The refill process starting from 0{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6} will take longer. In addition, a battery that is left completely depleted is also at risk of running out of power more quickly due to wear. And do not often recharge the battery via a laptop.

Don’t Often Charge Overnight

The average smartphone and other gadgets have been equipped with advanced technology that will make the electricity flow stop when the battery is full. But that doesn’t mean it’s 100{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6} safe for the battery. It would be better if you unplug the battery when the charging indicator has reached 90{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}, don’t have to wait for 100{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}.

Don’t Use Non-Default Chargers

In the market, there are many charger adapters that are equipped with fast charging capabilities. But please note that recharging the battery with a fake or non-default charger is dangerous. Make sure to only use a charger that is not built-in in an emergency.

Don’t Recharge While Adding Additional Cases

Additional cases such as hard case, soft case, or bumpers will indeed make the smartphone safe and comfortable to use. However, the use of an additional case during the battery recharging process will make the smartphone quickly damaged because the heat flow is blocked. It is a good idea to unplug any case from the smartphone while it is charging.

Don’t Carelessly Store Your Smartphone in Your Bag

You definitely prefer to keep your smartphone in your bag. However, it is best to store your smartphone in a bag only if it is equipped with a screen protector case so that the contents of the bag are not scratched.