Tips for Caring for Rarely Used Laptops

Tips for Caring for Rarely Used Laptops

Laptops have now become one of the necessities in supporting daily work. Laptops can help you with assignments, work on course materials, write books, and send e-mails. Laptops are generally used every day, especially by those who are still students, students, and office workers who need a laptop. But for those of you who have a laptop but rarely use it and maybe only use it for a moment, then the laptop will be neglected. There are also those who use laptops for a certain period of time and then silence them. Laptops that are left too long and rarely used will make the laptop quickly damaged and not work. The reason is due to the humid storage temperature which is one of the common factors causing laptop damage. If you rarely use a laptop, here are tips for caring for a laptop that is rarely used so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

Avoid storing laptops in damp places

The humidity factor is one of the most common causes of damage to laptops that are rarely used for a long time. Therefore, avoid storing your laptop in a humid place, such as above a cupboard, under the bed, or in a place close to a water source.

Remove the laptop battery

Remove the laptop battery if it will not be used for a long time. This is mandatory because by removing the battery from the laptop, your laptop will absolutely not be electrified so that it can prevent damage due to an electrical short circuit. In addition, this method can also maintain the life of the laptop battery itself.

Turn on the laptop frequently

If the laptop is rarely used, the components in it will become cold. If it is left like that, then the components in the laptop can short circuit when it is used again. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the laptop from time to time even if it is not going to be used. Don’t forget to turn off the laptop again if you don’t want it to be damaged.

Make sure the laptop is in the open position

Keeping the laptop open can reduce the level of damage to the keyboard, especially if the laptop is no longer used. Another alternative is to place the laptop open in a location exposed to the sun or dry, not in a humid place.

Recharge laptop battery

Even if the laptop is not used for a long time, don’t forget to always charge the battery. The battery installed in the laptop will reduce its capacity even if you are not using the laptop. So that the laptop battery capacity is maintained even though it is not in use, occasionally charge the battery to prevent the laptop from becoming humid. Regularly charge the battery every 2-3 weeks.

Clean regularly

Laptops also need to be kept clean. A laptop that is cleaned regularly will keep the laptop durable for a longer period of time. Dust and dirt that sticks to the laptop can affect the performance of your laptop when it will be used again.