Tips for Caring for Smartphone Screens

Tips for Caring for Smartphone Screens

Nowadays smartphones have become an important item in daily activities. So that your smartphone is durable and does not get damaged quickly, of course you need to maintain and care for your device. Especially the screen which is an important component of a smartphone. Smartphone screens are easily scratched and less responsive if not maintained properly. The following are tips to make your smartphone screen more durable:

1. Use a screen protector

An additional screen protector will also keep your smartphone screen clean from dirt. Currently there are various types of screen protectors, ranging from scratch-resistant which is usually a thin layer, there is also tempered glass with a thicker material and is more optimal in protecting the screen, especially if accidentally dropped.

2. Don’t press the screen too hard

If you often use your smartphone to play games, then you may often press the screen hard because you get carried away while playing. However, you are advised not to do this too often because it can affect the ability and durability of your smartphone screen. If you do play games often, it’s better to buy a smartphone specifically for gaming or at least have a high refresh rate so that the process of playing games becomes smoother and smoother without having to press the screen too hard.

3. Avoid scrolling the screen with your fingernail

The touchscreen display on a smartphone is designed to respond to finger touch. When scrolling the screen, avoid using your fingernail because of course it can cause scratches on your smartphone screen. Maybe a small scratch won’t really have a visible effect, but if there are too many scratches on the screen it will interfere with the view and also the performance of your smartphone screen.

4. Pay attention to where to store your smartphone

Trouser pockets are usually a favorite place to store smartphones. This is because it is more practical and easy to reach, especially if you are doing activities outside the home. However, the condition of the pants pocket can often scratch your smartphone screen easily. In addition, the pressure from tight pants pockets can also make your smartphone screen stressed excessively.

5. Clean with microfiber

If your smartphone screen looks dirty from dust or oil, use a soft microfiber cloth to clean it. The cloth which is also commonly used to clean these glasses has a smooth surface so it will not damage your smartphone screen. Avoid cleaning the screen with clothes that are being used because the material can be rough and scratch the screen of your smartphone.

6. Keep away from heat sources

Do not place your smartphone near a heat source. Likewise with the magnetic field because if it is often exposed, your smartphone screen will decrease in quality and its ability to display visuals optimally. In addition to visuals or appearance, this can also cause lines on the screen which of course can interfere with the view.

7. Wear a protective case

For maximum protection of the smartphone screen, you can use a protective casing made of strong materials, such as carbon so that the smartphone is resistant and remains safe even if it is accidentally dropped. You can also use a case that has a flip cover to keep it safe if you often store your smartphone in your pants pocket.