Tips for caring for the refrigerator so that it lasts

Tips for caring for the refrigerator so that it lasts

How to care for the refrigerator so that it lasts and prevent premature damage and so that the refrigerator lasts a long time. Refrigerator type refrigerator or refrigerator is indeed familiar among the people, especially for those who have businesses, shops, restaurants. Because this electronic device makes it easy for each user to store food or drink ingredients so that they can still be used for the next few days. This refrigerator or refrigerator is a type of household electronic equipment (Home Appliance) whose function is to slow down the arrival of bacteria or spoilage into food and beverage ingredients stored in the refrigerator. The following are tips on caring for the refrigerator to keep it durable:

1. Keep the refrigerator clean

In order for your refrigerator to last, it is necessary to always maintain the cleanliness of the refrigerator by cleaning it at least once a month either inside the body or outside the body of the refrigerator in order to prevent the refrigerator from rusting.

2. Never pierce the body in the refrigerator with sharp objects

If you use a 1-door refrigerator, never clean the flowers/ice lumps in the freezer with a sharp object, because it can cause the refrigerator evaporator to leak (freon leak). For this, you simply unplug the refrigerator and let it sit for a few minutes, wait until the ice flowers melt and you can plug the power back into the electrical outlet.

3. Use a stapler (stabilizer)

Try to use a stapler / stabilizer, this is to anticipate if there is a high voltage or low voltage so that the electric current entering the machine remains within the 220 Volt voltage.

4. Unplug the refrigerator when there is a power outage

Usually when there is a power outage, and the electricity comes back on, there is a high voltage, then try to unplug the refrigerator to avoid high voltage after the electricity is turned on again.