Tips for Choosing a Desktop Computer for Graphic Designers

Tips for Choosing a Desktop Computer for Graphic Designers

Graphic designer is a job that millennials are interested in, because they can earn money even if they only work from home. In graphic designers create the best work, then market their work via the internet. You want to learn graphic design and need a new desktop computer and computer keyboard. The following are tips for choosing a desktop computer that is suitable for graphic designers

Big Memory

Choose a computer that has a large memory size, if necessary, also buy an external hard disk. Why does the memory have to be big? Because desktop computers for designers need large storage space to store photos and designs that you have made. Computer memory that is too small will slow down PC performance. At least, the internal memory is 500 GB, if possible 1 Tera. You don’t need to be afraid of losing the design of the sticker or brochure that the customer ordered, because it is stored safely in the computer’s memory. An external hard disk is used for backup when saving designs.


Choose an HD (high definition) monitor to support your work as a graphic designer. This monitor has a clear screen and the size is large enough, so you can see the details of the logo design that you create clearly. Just compare an ordinary computer monitor with an HD monitor, which has high definition the results of the image displayed will be more beautiful. Also complete with a good computer keyboard, so it is comfortable to use.


At the very least, the computer you are going to buy must have at least 8 GB of RAM. Because if your computer’s RAM is only 4 GB or even 2 GB, the computer’s performance will be very slow. When designing, usually you can use 2 software at once. So all you need for your computer is to use 8 GB of RAM.

CPU more than 4 Threads

Processors on PCs that have 4 threads work faster, so your computer doesn’t get stuck, lags, or hangs when you’re busy designing. An example of a CPU that has more than 4 threads is the Intel i-5 and i-7 series computers. Actually an ordinary CPU and standard computer keyboard can be used for graphic design, as long as there is some software for designing. But performance can be slow and hangs easily. Because when designing you need a sophisticated CPU to support your work. Computers needed by graphic designers must have large RAM (above 8 GB) and large memory capacity, if possible, the memory is 1 Terabyte. The CPU is also at least Intel I-5 and the computer monitor is high definition. The results of the design will be even better with a sophisticated computer.