Tips for Choosing a Good & Durable Printer

Tips for Choosing a Good & Durable Printer

As a consumer, you should first check the specifications of the products offered at affordable prices and can also ask the seller about the advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy a printer, there are several easy steps to determine which printer is right and durable, including:

1. Choose a Brand

By choosing a printer product from a brand, you get good quality, several well-known brands and can be chosen as Canon, Epson, HP, Brother and Fuji Xerox. For those of you who want to choose another brand, first find the drawbacks and ask about comparisons of other brands with well-known brands.

2. Try to Buy a Printer In New Condition

Because the printer is a machine that will inevitably reduce performance in terms of printing, scanning, or photocopying. You should not look for a used printer because it can harm potential buyers, from the seller’s side, sometimes hiding the shortcomings when selling.

3. Clear Official Warranty

One thing to consider before buying a new printer is to check the warranty. There are some stores that only provide official warranty cards, and there are also shops that help with warranty, so choose a sales store that can cover the damage to the printer you bought so that it can be an extra point if your printer is damaged.

4. Good Printer Print Quality

When choosing a printer, you also need to determine the quality of the printouts. In the printer market today, there are many printers that have ordinary quality to photo quality, usually a good printer has a series of “Photos / Images”. The difference between the two is that when printing documents or images, photo series printers have better print results, because the pixel density is very small and invisible. Whereas on a regular printer, you will see broken pixels when printing very large images.

5. Print Speed

This digital printing business is in dire need of very high printouts, even though the average is more than 50 pages per minute. One of the most commonly used printers is the HP PageWide Enterprise multifunction printer, with an average speed of up to 70 pages per minute. On the other hand, if you don’t need a print speed, you should ignore the fifth point because every printer has almost the same printing standards.