Tips for Choosing a Good Mirrorless Camera

Tips for Choosing a Good Mirrorless Camera

Currently, mirrorless cameras are becoming a trend among young people, especially those who are interested in the world of photography. One of the reasons many people choose mirrorless cameras over DSLRs is because they are simple in shape and lighter in weight. So, practically carried anywhere, including when traveling. Plus, the quality of mirrorless cameras can be said to be on par with DSLRs. For those of you who want to buy a mirrorless camera in the near future, there are several things you need to consider. The following are tips for choosing a good mirrorless camera so you don’t regret it later.

Adjust to Needs

Before buying a mirrorless camera, make sure first whether it is a priority need or just a desire. This is important to consider, considering that many people still find it difficult to distinguish between needs and wants. Buying a mirrorless because of a desire or need is the right of each person, including you too. However, it would be great if the mirrorless camera could be used for something useful. For example, to take pictures of online shop products to make them eye-catching, or indeed your job is in the field of photography/videography.

Consider Camera Prices on a Budget

The next important point before buying a mirrorless camera is to consider the price of the camera with your budget. Do not force the existing budget to buy a mirrorless which is very expensive. Keep in mind, good mirrorless doesn’t always have to be expensive. After all, no matter how expensive a mirrorless camera is, it will feel useless if you are not proficient in using it yourself. It’s different if you are experienced, you can buy mirrorless with high quality and a more expensive price too.

Mirrorless Camera Sensor

So that later you don’t regret buying a mirrorless camera, pay attention to the camera you are going to buy whether it already has a good sensor or not. This camera sensor is useful for producing quality images. At a minimum, in a mirrorless camera there are APS-C, CMOS, Fullframe, and Medium Format sensors. These types of sensors have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it all comes back to the needs of the user.

Additional Specifications and Features

Before buying a mirrorless camera, of course, you must first look at the complete specifications and a number of additional features. Usually, the camera’s additional features are determined by the price. However, not all features can represent shooting needs. As an illustration, if you are a travel blogger or street photography, it is better to choose a mirrorless camera with 16 Megapixel resolution for photos and 1080 for videos. Meanwhile, if you shoot more objects outdoors, it’s a good idea to choose a mirrorless camera that has a waterproof and dust proof layer on the lens. Several other features that mirrorless cameras must have, such as a camera sensor of at least 4/3, shutter speed of 30 seconds and above, high auto-focus (AF), large ISO, and a burst feature to capture fast-moving objects.

Availability of Lens Options

No less important, tips on buying mirrorless for beginners can be seen from the availability of camera lens options. Like DSLRs, mirrorless camera lenses are also possible to be replaced as needed. But for beginners who are still learning, a kit lens (the camera comes with) is usually enough to meet the needs of taking pictures and recording videos. However, if your skills have improved, there’s nothing wrong with changing the camera lens with a more professional one. For this reason, the availability of a choice of camera lenses is an important point before you buy a good mirrorless camera.