Tips for Choosing a PC Monitor for Good Quality Games

Tips for Choosing a PC Monitor for Good Quality Games

Monitor is one of the computer hardware that is often used. without a monitor, we cannot know what data and information are contained in the CPU. Because the activity in the CPU can only be seen through the monitor screen. However, some people often underestimate the existence of the monitor. Many think that the origin of the screen appears to make the monitor often underestimated. Though not all monitors are suitable for all users. If you choose the wrong monitor, then the impact will be visible on our eyes. For that, if you are planning to buy a PC monitor, here are tips for choosing a PC monitor to consider.

Choose the screen resolution according to your needs

You need to know that the monitor screen resolution has many types. Unlike the old days, which only had one type of LCD monitor, namely a tube monitor. Currently, there are many types of monitors that suit user needs. Generally, this screen resolution is very influential with user comfort when running the computer. In addition, screen resolution is also very influential on several professions such as photographers, graphic design, and the like.

Monitor size

After the screen resolution, Tips for Choosing a PC Monitor next is the size of the monitor that will be used. Monitor sizes today also vary. Ranging from standard sizes to HD or High Definition sizes. The size is the same as the previous point, which is very influential on user comfort and of course the costs that must be incurred.

Accuracy of the resulting color

For those of you who work as graphic designers or photographers, color accuracy will greatly affect the results of the images that have been made. In addition to these professions, color accuracy also affects if we watch movies or play games. Therefore, the selection of the resulting color accuracy is also very influential. For that, choose good color accuracy when buying a monitor.

Refresh rate speed

Refresh rate also needs to be your concern. Generally, the refresh rate on a PC monitor is between 60 Hz. Generally, this speed is very standard for general work. However, if your profession is related to graphic design, animators, and the like, the refresh rate is still relatively small. The minimum refresh rate that must be used is 144 Hz. With such speed, you can see graphics that are smoother than usual. In fact, even when you play games, you can feel a pretty significant difference.

Additional features

Currently, PC monitors have two types, namely the stand version and the hanging version such as a television monitor. For this section, it is returned to your needs whether you need a monitor that uses a stand or is hung. Because this is also related to the level of comfort when using the computer. Another additional feature is to check whether the monitor has a glare shield or not. This anti-glare coating is very influential on the health of our eyes. Of course, it’s not new that long periods of time in front of the monitor can affect our vision. Plus it would be much better if you buy a motor that has speakers installed. This can save your expenses.