Tips for Choosing an Android Smartphone Processor

Tips for Choosing an Android Smartphone Processor

In its performance, a smartphone will depend entirely on the quality of the hardware in it. Like the processor, the brain of this smartphone is the most vital and decisive part of a smartphone for smartphone performance. Where the processor is the core of all input and output processes when the operating system is running. There are so many questions about smartphones when you want to buy a smartphone that everyone who wants to get the quality of the smartphone they want must know the answer to. At least consumers who want to buy a smart phone must know what and how to choose a smartphone hardware that fits their needs and uses. The following are tips for choosing the best type of smartphone processor:

1. Chipset

Where this one component is the base of the processor to manage all communication between existing devices. There are so many types and types of chipsets that are already known for their toughness. The higher the serial value and type issued by the vendor, the better the performance of each chipset.

2. Speed Frequency

Of course you’ve seen in the bundle or on the smartphone sales box that it says processor x, xGHz, that’s where the frequency speed of a processor lies. If at the beginning of smart smartphones, processors with a frequency of 512KHz already looked so good, but now several vendors have issued types of processors with speed frequencies above the average starting from 1GHz to 8GHz are already available.

3. Core

The number of cores in a processor is also very influential on the multitasking performance of a smartphone. in simple language, if there are more cores, the task flow can be handled in each existing core without having to wait in one core path. A simple example, if there is a parade and then there are 4 roads that can be passed, it will be better for traffic than there is only 1 road with the same number of pedestrians. The total cores in the smartphone itself currently start from the lowest level to the top cores such as Single core, Dual core, Quad Core, Hexa core and Octa Core.

4. Graphics Processing Unit

You also have to pay attention to this one device if you want to buy a new smartphone, because the GPU function determines how much visual quality is produced on the screen. The better the GPU will also affect the resulting display. Many lovers of heavy game applications with 3D quality always look to the GPU with the best quality for maximum results in the image rendering process.