Tips for Choosing the Best VGA Card for PC Gaming

Tips for Choosing the Best VGA Card for PC Gaming

VGA Card is one component that has an important role in assembling a gaming computer. Almost 80{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} of the system suitability of a game can be played on a computer, influenced by this graphics card component. Of course, the higher the VGA class, the easier it is for you to play the latest games with high quality. the following are tips for choosing the best VGA card that is most appropriate for your gaming PC:

GPU and VGA Card Brand

If the computer has a CPU as the central brain of the work center, so does VGA. The difference is that the VGA Card has a brain called a GPU or Graphic Processing Unit. On a graphics card, the function of the GPU will make the performance of the CPU itself a little lighter. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best GPU specifications with good core speed or speed. The greater the core speed, the more capable the GPU performance, which means that it also supports the performance of the VGA Card to be more excellent. Although the brand is not a guarantee, you should know that certain brands of graphic cards have quality that cannot be beat from other brands. Considering VGA from well-known and trusted brands, always upgrade technology. Making VGA production always uses the latest GPU components. Regarding the selection of the best VGA Card brand, it is returned to the budget you have. Given the famous VGA brands the price is much more expensive. If the budget is limited, you should choose a middle quality VGA which offers moderate quality but regarding performance it is not much different.

Memory Capacity and Clock Speed

The memory function of a VGA Card is not much different from the RAM on your computer. Memory on a VGA Card is used to temporarily store GPU processed data. Later this data will be transferred or sent to RAMDAC, which is converted from digital data to visual. Visual data will be able to be displayed into the monitor via VGA, DVI to HDMI cables. Of course, the bigger the memory the better. But pay attention to the use of memory technology is also very important. Given the increasingly new technology will make memory work quickly and effectively. Memory Clock Speed is also one that you should pay attention to when choosing the best VGA card. Clock Speed itself is the speed of the VGA Card memory during the data processing process. Of course, the faster the clock speed will make the performance of the graphics card more capable. But when you choose a VGA Card with faster clock speed specifications, there is a fairly expensive price you have to pay. The speed of the memory clock speed is measured in Mhz units, no different from the core speed of a GPU. A little complicated, but if you have trouble knowing about the memory clock speed, you can ask as much as possible to the seller’s shop.

Memory Type and Data Path

When choosing a VGA Card, you also should not forget to consider the type of memory used. Usually the type of memory that is often used on graphics cards is the type of DDR or GDDR. Later this type of memory will also affect the performance of your VGA. The latest types of memory make the transfer speed from the processor to the motherboard and to the VGA faster. The more qualified the type of memory, the higher your VGA access. For example, DDR3 is certainly better in performance than DDR3. The most recent type of memory is GDDR5. No less important that you should consider when choosing the best VGA card is the data line used. Of course, the bigger the data line, the more capable the VGA is. 128bit VGA certainly has better performance than 64bit. But again, this data path must also be supported by other specifications.