Tips for Choosing the Right RAM for PC and Laptops

Tips for Choosing the Right RAM for PC and Laptops

Random Access Memory or more often called RAM is a temporary storage area on a computer whose contents can be accessed at a fixed time, regardless of the location of the data in memory or random. RAM itself has a very important function in supporting the performance of a computer, especially to help process data carried out by the processor found on the CPU and laptop. So with the right RAM selection can increase or maximize the performance of a computer. Not only capacity that must be considered, RAM also has various variants or different types. So if we choose the wrong type of RAM for our PC or laptop, instead of getting better, it will actually make things worse. Here are tips for choosing the right RAM for PCs and laptops:

1. Know the Type of RAM and Motherboard

Before buying RAM and replacing it, we must first know the type of old RAM and the type of motherboard used. Because the selection of RAM that matches the specifications of the correct PC or laptop will determine the performance of the PC or laptop. If the motherboard you are using supports dual channel, then the RAM that must be selected is the one that has a double amount. Not only that, the ability of a motherboard is different. So we have to adjust to the capabilities of the motherboard used. If the motherboard used is a dual channel 8GB with a clock of 1,333 HMz, then you can’t use 16GB of RAM with a clock of 1,866 MHz, because it will make the computer unstable. Also pay attention to the type of RAM used on the motherboard that is used, whether using DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4 types.

2. View Available RAM Slots

Before buying RAM, the next thing to consider is the availability of the RAM slot itself. Most of today’s PC and laptop motherboards have 2 or 4 RAM slots provided, depending on the specifications of the motherboard. If there is still an empty slot, you can use the empty slot to add RAM to your laptop or PC. Choose RAM with the same slot, because if it is not the same then the laptop’s performance will not be stable and it won’t even be able to be used. For example, if there are two slots on the motherboard, the two RAM slots must use the same type and capacity.

3. Know the PC or Laptop Operating System Used

Especially for those of you who want to increase RAM from 4GB to 8GB, you have to pay attention to the operating system that is running on the PC or laptop. On certain types of Windows such as Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, usually it will be in vain. because even though the capacity was increased to 8GB, the detected RAM was still 4GB.

4. Use a Heat Spreader

If you often use a PC or laptop for a long time, you should choose RAM that has been equipped with a heat spreader. RAM with the addition of a Heat Spreader is indeed priced at a higher price than the usual one, but this type of RAM has better performance because it is more resistant to heat. Usually this type of RAM is a favorite of gamers to support their gaming computers.

5. Avoid Unpackaged RAM

If you are one of the people who like to shop online, and intend to buy RAM online, you should avoid buying RAM that is not equipped with packaging. Nowadays, there are lots of sellers who offer RAM at very cheap prices but are not equipped with packaging. Instead of increasing the performance of your PC or laptop, any of the RAM will actually damage and be fatal because the RAM is not suitable for use.

6. RAM Brand and Warranty

There are so many brands circulating in the market today, the development of technology makes electronic manufacturers vying to create cheap products to sell well in the market. However, this is not accompanied by good quality. Before buying RAM, you should choose RAM from a trusted brand and there is no doubt about its quality. Usually good vendors they have a good reputation among the public or consumers. Because if there is damage they will provide service or handle it very well, such as repairing or replacing it with a new one. You can choose several brands such as Infineon, Samsung, Corsair or Visipro because the quality has proven to be good. Even Samsung has been recognized and has been used in many products.