Tips for Cooling Smartphones While Playing Games

Tips for Cooling Smartphones While Playing Games

Playing games on smartphone devices is also getting more fun. However, we will encounter some obstacles such as heat. Games with large sizes that make users have to be online are sure to make the phone heat up quickly. As we know heat is the main enemy of electronic goods such as smartphones, both Android and IOS, if used to play games, it will definitely be hot. Excessive heat on the cellphone while playing games will also make us uncomfortable when using it. In addition to providing an enjoyable game, it also provides a long life for the device. Here are some ways to cool down your smartphone while playing games

Lower Screen Brightness

A screen that is too bright can actually cause the smartphone to heat up quickly when used for playing games. Not only when playing online games, but when playing offline games can also cause the smartphone to heat up quickly if the smartphone screen is too bright. In addition to dazzling the eyes, a screen that is too bright also causes the performance of the smartphone to decrease so that the smartphone becomes sluggish if it is used to play games continuously. In order to avoid problems like this, you should adjust the brightness level on your smartphone screen using automatic mode so that the screen will adjust the brightness level whether it’s in a dark place or a bright place.

Apps Running in the Background

If you have a smartphone with large RAM, it might not be a problem if many applications are running in the background because there is still free space on the smartphone that has a large RAM. However, unlike smartphones that have small RAM, of course, too many applications running in the background will cause problems, one of these problems is that the smartphone gets hot quickly when used to play games. This happens because the device has to work harder to run these applications. To overcome this, you can stop applications that are running in the background.

Game played not match the smartphone specifications

The cause of a hot smartphone is that many heavy games are played and sometimes don’t care about the specifications of the smartphone they have. The specifications on the smartphone also greatly affect the condition of the smartphone, if the game being played does not match the specifications possessed by the smartphone, the smartphone will heat up quickly when played. Before downloading the game, you should first pay attention to the specifications of your smartphone so that the smartphone does not heat up quickly when played. If you still want to play heavy games, then you should buy a new smartphone with qualified specifications.

Playing Games While Charged

Playing games while being charged is certainly often done for game lovers who have smartphones with small battery capacities so that the battery does not last long when used. Especially when playing games is fun, which makes when playing games you don’t want to be stopped by a depleted battery so that when playing games, the smartphone is charged. This is what causes the smartphone to heat up quickly when used to play games, even if it is done continuously it will cause damage to the battery which causes the battery to run out quickly. If you don’t want this to happen, then you should not charge the smartphone while it is in use or if you need to replace the battery with a large capacity and good quality so that the battery will last longer.

Battery Condition Is Damaged

Smartphones that are used continuously and are often used to play games will definitely have an effect on battery life. Especially if the battery has not been replaced for a long time which causes the condition of the battery to be damaged so that the smartphone will heat up quickly when used. Even if it is used to play games, the smartphone will get hotter, causing the smartphone to lag and must be turned off first so that the temperature on the smartphone returns to normal. If you don’t want this to happen again, then what you have to do is replace the battery with a new and high-quality battery.

Playing Games in Hot Places

Often do not realize that outdoors, even in a hot place will cause the smartphone to become hot too. Sometimes the intention of the heart wants to play games while breathing fresh air, but does not pay attention to the temperature in the place because it is too cool to play games. If outside the room, it is certain that the screen brightness will be maximized which makes the smartphone heat up quickly when used to play games. So that the smartphone does not heat up quickly, you should play games indoors, especially in the room that has air conditioning and the smartphone will also not heat up quickly and you can be more comfortable when playing games.