Tips for Creating an Attractive Website Design for Your Audience

Tips for Creating an Attractive Website Design for Your Audience

The use of technology in the digital era has developed very rapidly and this can be seen from the increasingly wide reach of the internet to remote rural areas. There are also many entrepreneurs who use the internet network as a medium for promoting their business, one of which is creating a website which is done by referring to tips for making attractive and effective websites for business development. An attractive website design is the first impression for your audience. So it is very important to present a beautiful website to make an impactful and positive first impression for your visitors. A well-built website can generate better potential traffic by providing simple navigation can increase conversions. When you create a website you are required to be creative but also have to use some basic rules about design and user experience. The following are tips for creating an attractive website design for the audience:

1. Create a Simple Layout

You can create simple layouts for your website. However, this does not mean that your website should be boring, but that you should focus and prioritize on more important things. A clean and functional layout can make your website easier to load, navigate and also make it easier to access on various platforms and devices. Make your website with a simple but attractive layout. You need to make your product or service front and center by including visuals with minimal text to make it easier for your visitors to engage with the content.

2. Create Easy-to-Follow Navigation

Another thing that needs to be considered in tips for making website design is to create a navigation that will later help website visitors to be able to find out your content in a short time. This action can be done by affixing a link that will lead to other interesting content on the website. Do not post lengthy content without good navigation because this will make it difficult for readers to find what they want from your website.

3. Make sure your website is responsive

Not everyone will access your website, because most of the time most people will access it via their mobile phone. There are so many websites that are made in such an attractive way, but when they are loaded on a cellphone, it turns out to be unsatisfactory with various other obstacles. Therefore, make sure you create a website that is mobile-friendly and will later make your website easy to load on a cellphone.

4. SEO Friendly

To make your website more attractive, you must pay attention to SEO Friendly. An SEO Friendly website will make it easier for search engines to find you, which in turn will give you a higher ranking in search results. The better your website ranks in search results, the better traffic you will get.

5. Show Social Media Profiles

Displaying your social media profiles on the website is very important in the design of a blog or website. Don’t forget to add profiles of all your social media. You can put it in the footer and sidebar so that our website visitors can find out the owner of the website they are visiting. for online stores, maybe you can try so that your social media visitors are increasing.

6. Persuasive Headlines

You can create an attractive homepage by creating a persuasive headline. Make interesting headlines such as discount information, giveaways, new products and other important information on your homepage. you can create a home banner that you can put on the slide. Make a very attractive design with a fresh concept so that visitors can immediately be interested in opening the next page.